Tarot Journey, Day 2 of the Journey 

Good morning Starshine!  As I walked on my porch this morning, this is the sight I was blessed with. It took me to the card THE JOURNEY card that I pulled yesterday. Then I heard the words “purification by fire “.  In the Catholic tradition, this is known as purgatory ” it is a state of cleansing and purification for souls destined for heaven” (according to Catholic News Agency), as I am not Catholic I take that meaning into me and my beliefs. On our spiritual journey we have to be cleansed of all that is no longer needed, that which keeps us chained to the past…that which keeps us from our goals and  evolving into a better human. Being lead into the cave, immersed in the Heart of the Goddess…her sacred fire. The death of our old ways….change.  When change occurs, we are placed in new territory, where things are different, unknown and new.  It reminds me of the Phoenix. When you know better, you’re expected to do better. 


Sirona Rose 🌙

~ by SironaRose on June 16, 2017.

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