Gemini Full Moon Reading 5/25/2017


The new moon will be in Gemini on may 25, 2017 at 3:44pm.  Gemini is the sign to of the twins, soul-mates, duality.  This energy seeks to integrate dualities of life, such as light and dark, to find the middle ground.  Pluto still hanging out in Capricorn and this energy can lead to overworking..being a workaholic. Be careful of this, remember balance. This energy can lead to confrontations, so seek that middle ground.  With this energy, focus is key.  This energy will also make you examine what you are resisting.  Are you taking care of yourself?  This new moon will allow you to see just where the unbalance is in your life.  Jupiter (going direct on June 9th) is in Libra (retro) is making us examine our relationships.  Are our relationships it time to move on…is this relationship serving the best for us?  Are you feeling stuck, frustrated?  It’s time for a new perspective. This is a time new ideas, visions, and new understanding may be taking place.  Mars is in Gemini as well, so he is fueling that energy…try something new.  The North Node is in Leo and this energy is about following your inner self.  The North Node is our karmic path, it is where we are going, it is our lessons we came here to learn.  Leo’s planet is the sun, and calls on you to express your best qualities.  Their energy asks you “what is your soul’s desire?” This energy calls on you to use your gifts, talents and abilities to shine brightly.  This is working with your authentic self.  Ego isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as it can help us stay true to our Self.  Saturn still in Sagittarius will aid in helping your build the future you want, as it will help you focus.  But what can you accomplish without passion? Passion helps us manifest faster. Integration, following our inner self, lead us to the place where we shine the brightest.   What is your passion?  


9 of EARTH tells us to trust in our Self, our magic.  We have everything we need around us, pull from your lessons, you knowledge, all your experiences.  Remain focused and grounded, what you need will be available to you. Trust that you are headed in the right direction, and know that it will all work out.  

MESSENGER of WATER is touching upon healing through self love.  We can not give to another what we do not have.  This card brings us love, compassion, and passion.  

JUSTICE reminds us that what we put out, our actions, will come back to us. This is the energy of balance, things made right.  


I had to sleep on this reading, as the energy had to speak to me for a minute, as I am feeling this energy strong.  Sometimes it is the simplest things we can not see.  The message I received;

“You have to stand true to you, trust your intuition and be silent and listen.  Pull from your gifts, all that you have around you, including asking for help from others if need be. We all have unique energy and must use our talents to complement that.  When we are using all of our resources, and trusting in our magic will help us discover what our passion are, our true desires.  You have what you need to help you get to your passion.  You just have to trust.  Following this path will lead you harmony that you are seeking.  By following my passion, I reach the harmonic balance I seek within my life”

The reading goes quite well with the astro-energy we are having.  It’s important to spend some time in nature, as this will help you de-stress and release what is not needed back to Mother.  I feel some are thinking along the lines of “why didn’t I do this sooner?” .  Be easy on yourself, and heal those past wounds and move one.  Trust that are you where you need to be, now pull from your inner strength and proceed on the path you desire to walk.  Focus and passion is necessary!

Many Blessings,


~ by TerraRubrae on May 25, 2017.

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