Todays Tarot Message 

Todays Reading

It is important for us to be down to earth and deeply grounded, as it will help us have more clarity. When we know what we want, we are able to better focus our energy upon it. We have to feed and nurture the things we want to manifest. We have to sit and focus, get clarity with what you want. This allows us to direct that energy at the target…our dreams. In order to achieve our desires, we first have to take a really good look at whats important in our life. Many times we take on energy that isnt exactly ours to bare. We end up pushing our self to the edge, filling our plates too full. 

When we center ourself, gaining clarity on what is important, we will only then be able to release, sacrifice, get rid of the unwanted energy….clearing the way to that which we desire. 

Have a blessed day, 

Sirona Rose

~ by SironaRose on May 16, 2017.

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