Scorpio Full Moon Energy Reading

Happy Scorpio full moon!  When ever I think of Scorpio, I immediately think “transformation”.  It is also the hidden, and that’s what the full moon does…light up the shadows.  This energy is illuminating all areas to your life.  It is making us look at our emotions, are we happy?  Are we following our Soul’s calling?  With all the chaos that is going on, this energy is echoing through us through our actions.  Scorpio gets a bad wrap at times, as its planet is Pluto…Lord of the Underworld.  We should not fear this energy, this energy is just what we need to awaken to our true Self.  This transformation energy helps us to release those things that are draining us, not feeding us any more.  This is also a good time to work on releasing those things we are addicted to.  These wounds can be very deep, and may come from the past.  The reading I pulled really tapped into the Scorpion energy, this always surprises me as I know as above, so below.  Here as we are realizing that things just can’t go on, something has to give, Scorpio is peeling back the layers of illusions allowing us to see clarity.  This isn’t always what we want to see, but it is necessary for our growth.  Through this revealing, there can come some great healing. Scorpio’s opposite is Taurus and this is about our physical attachments, so there is a focus on balance between the emotions (Scorpio) and our physical world (Taurus).  What do we value most?  Here, bright Luna is shining through showing us our shadows, or weaknesses.  She is showing us what we need to work on, what we value, and what is draining us. By facing these things, it will open us up to our self empowerment allowing us to see more clearly.  Scorpio loves to go deep in to the waters of Self.  This transformation will allow us to live a more passionate life, one that our Soul thrives on. Mars, Scorpios ruler at one time, is in Gemini and this is all about sharing information. Journaling can really help you now.  I feel that we should slow down, listen to your intuition and balance the mind and the heart…and the soul. Also, getting together with like-minded individuals can help you as well.  On to the reading……



The 8 of AIR is telling us to wipe the clouds away, and truly see with clarity.  Some times we want something a certain way so bad, we choose to see the illusion instead of what is. What is keeping us bound?  What is holding us back?  What truth are we failing to see? Wipe away the clouds and see things differently, with a new perspective and see how our choices will benefit from our long-term goals.  Release the illusions, and face the clarity and be true to yourself.

The 3 of FIRE is offering us some great expansion energy, manifestation.  If we listen to the advice from the 8 of AIR, we will be proceeding on the path of our passion…that which will bring us joy.  Releasing the old, opens us up to new opportunities, and you can believe there will be.  Trust in yourself, work toward your passion to manifest the life you want.

This full moon we are seeking a balance, the physical and emotional.  We want what we do to bring us happiness.  We are being asked to commit our Self to that path which will help us to manifest a life you can truly live a passionate life.  I am not saying this will all be easy, but roll with it, be flexible.  Feel the emotions, then work through them. Transformation takes time, so be gentle with yourself.  Drink plenty of water to help you release and cleanse.

Listen to your Intution,



~ by TerraRubrae on May 10, 2017.

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