Magic Unfolding



Magic has always seemed like a fantastical word that brought me hope and inspiration.  As a child, I watched many sci-fi shows, often full of magic and good witches and bad witches.  Looking back as an experienced adult, those shows did teach me a lot about life, and gave me much hope for the future, but it also taught me to not judge a book by its cover.  There are many things that are not as they appear, its only when you peel that surface back the truth appears.  The magic is always happening just below the surface.

Its really no surprised I grew up to be the person that I am.  Even my job reflects who I am, luckily being in the paranormal field I dont have to wear masks.  People ask me a lot how’d you get that job…well it fell into my lap, but not really.  When we are wanting better for ourselves, wanting to be in a place that we are more at ease with our Self, able to express who we are, we plant a seed in the big manifestation garden.  Through tending to that garden, watering it and feeding it, growth begins to happen.  You see, I planted that seed.  I wanted to be able to do what I love and make good money, boom!  As I have stated before, I do not believe i coincidences, things happen for reasons.  So when I was asked to work with this company, a light came on inside and said “yep! there it is!”. I know that sounds easy, but if you actually saw were I was at the time, you would understand.  This brings me to “What do you want to manifest? and What are you doing to get yourself there?”.  Many times we find our self working hard to make things happen and we are getting one road block after another, we begin to just want to give up because it seems worthless but I feel this is where we fail ourselves.  Water boils at 212 degrees Fahrenheit (scientifically correct 211.9 degrees Fahrenheit).  If you just stopped at 211 degrees, it wouldnt boil.  But, if you would just hold on one more measure, one more degree, you would have it.  This happens a lot to us in life, we cut our self short.  Manifestation takes great focus.  Too many times we get lost in the thoughts of what we are lacking, we fail to see the gifts we are given that will ultimately help us to get to our goal. The first step is hardest, sure, but I feel the last step is equally as hard.  Seven years ago, I moved to a place out in the country.  I just love it, its like my piece of heaven.  My plan, and conditions, were to take over payments and to ultimately own this property.  I have reached the end of that 7 years, and now in the process of having it all transferred into my name.  This has definitely been a long road, one that at times, I didnt think I would see the light at the end of the tunnel…..but now I do.  Patiently, and steadily, I focused and worked hard.  I am now able to utilize this land in the ways I fully want to do.  It has been my sacred space, but now it will be deeded in my name so it will fully take on my energy.

When we are in the mist of the chaos of the pieces trying to fall into their right places, we do not see how it is truly working out….so we sell our self short!  This, although taking 7 years, is the result of my manifesting…my magic.  Take a moment and look around, what are you manifesting/or what have you manifested?  We may feel like we’ll never see the end, but thats when we just have to stand back and allow the unfolding….this is the last degree.  We have to learn to trust in our magic, trust in our SELF!  We have to feed our manifestation garden the right energy.  We have to weed it, water it, feed it well…then sit back and allow.  We have to understand that the more we try to control the unfolding, the more we mess it up.  We want it, we see it, and we want it yesterday…but we have to enjoy the ride, in all of its flavors.

I, just like many, will easily fall into the dreadful hole of self doubt.  We have to learn to get to that place of trusting self over the nay-sayers.  When we work our magic, manifesting our desires, trusting in our self, we set sail down the manifestation stream…allow all the un-foldings to reveal the ending to you piece by piece.  Trusting that every step you take, will put you one step closer to your goal giving you rich experience. Trust in your magic!  Trust in YOU!  One step at a time, see your magic manifesting petal by petal until it reaches perfection!




~ by SironaRose on May 4, 2017.

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