Beltaine Reading



Happy Beltaine!  A fire festival, this is a time of growth, prosperity and fertility.  With the scared union energy, I am not surprised I picked these cards from the deck.  The Coins (pentacles) in this deck are represented by Zeus and Danae.  As we all know, Zeus had several consorts, and as soon as he heard of Danae’s beauty nothing would keep him away.  Danae was the princess of Argos on the Peloponnesian peninsula. Danae was the only child of Acrisius and Eurydice, the ruling couple of Argos, and as she grew up, Danae gained a reputation of being the most beautiful female mortal of the age.  Knowing a heir from Danae would kill him, Acrisius locked Danae in a bronze tower to keep her from getting pregnant.  This didn’t stop Zeus.  Zeus transformed himself into a cloud and began to rain down golden rain onto Danae body.  They soon became the parents of Perseus.  danaegoldenrain

Today’s cards:

9 of Coins and 7 of Coins…………When we are focused on something, we are more likely to receive it.  Through our devotion, hard work will be rewarded.  We must believe in our Self.  Just as Zeus wanted Danae, and he made his mind that nothing would stop him, so should we.  Focus and work your magic, then trust to know that it will come into fruition. Remember that some things may not happen over night, as we always have to allow an unfolding.  We will have success, but we must be patient with the process.

Just as Danae opens herself to the wealth around her, the purity and beauty of life, we should too.  We must slow down to enjoy it as well.  We must not rush things, we must marinate in the beauty each layer we are offered.  There is a lot of green in these cards, and this signifies Earth, grounding, but it also signified healing.  Through trusting in our magic, our Self, and allowing each step, we open our Self to long term happiness…dont rush! Trust in YOU, and know that you will find success, one experience at a time.

Happiest Beltaine blessings and may you be richly blessed but the Great Lady and Lord. May be prosperous in your work, and it bring you total satisfaction.



© 5/1/2017

~ by TerraRubrae on May 1, 2017.

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