Taurus New Moon 4/26/2017


Happy Taurus New Moon!  


The new moon is at 8:16 am Wednesday; Wednesday is ruled by Mercury and it is the conscious mind, it’s about study, travel, divination, and wisdom. When the moon is in Taurus things started now will last longer and will begin to increase in value. It will bring out the beauty and appreciation for things. Taurus is all about value and self respect.  

There has been a repeat message, and that is being authentic and true to yourself…aligning with your core values.

This new moon is asking you; how are you nurturing yourself?  Do you own your power? Do you know what you value? Are you respecting yourself?  Taurus is all about nourishing all that you love, your self appreciation/self worth.  If you want to reach that goal you so desire, you have to own these qualities.  Taurus is very fertile, and this new moon it’s time to plant those seeds.  Look at your resources, are you using them wisely?  Time…energy…skills?? Are you carrying the energy of others? Are your relationships balanced? On through to the Scorpio full moon in May, we are going to be faced with our relationships. Many of us just exist, how is this empowering YOU?  This is a great time for new beginnings but I would wait until Mercury (direct May 3rd) is out of retrograde before you begin something new.  Your health is your path to wealth.  

Venus, Taurus’ planet, has been retrograde and on the 15th she turned direct.  This energy is about re-evaluating our relationships, especially with our environment.  EVALUATE ALL RELATIONSHIPS!!!  This is the energy of divine love.  We are being urged to find beauty and love in all areas.  Taurus is about connecting to our physical world.  With Venus in the last degrees of Pisces, we are being urged to use our 5 senses as well as our intuition.  There is a great energy here to honor yourself and environment.  We have to be conscious of energy at all times.  This is a good time to go spend some quiet time alone, because in order for you to truly connect to our inner guidance, the Divine; we have to get quiet and really listen.

What do YOU want?  Saturn in Sagittarius (square with Venus) is demanding that you SEE the truth, the deep truth, of all of your relationships.Uranus in Aries is urging us to stand up to our own individual power. Many of us are in relationships (love or business) that are not good for them, that is really causing damage to your Self.  This is demanding you release that which is harming you.  A lot of people are having epiphanies now, they are have great AHA moments….they are feeling their core values and they are taking their inner power back and living a life that is honorable.  

Venus connected with Chiron when she came direct, so this is the energy of deep HEALING.

On the 20th, Pluto went retrograde so this can be intense for those cardinal signs out there.  This energy is allowing us to go inner to release old energy, past hurts, and all that is holding us back.  This is also a time where secrets come out, so don’t be surprised if more uncovering happens. Pluto in Capricorn is about government and countries, big brother, so we might get some interesting information there as well.  One thing we have to realize, is that we are in a time of great change and with great changes.  Sometimes, tragedy has to happen in order to force us to do that which we need to do.  We get comfortable, and we need a good kick in the booty to get us going. I feel that this energy is urging us to awaken.

On the 21st, Mars moved into Gemini and this can give us scattered energy, so focus will be needed.  Make sure you’re getting all the information needed before making a decision.  With Uranus influence, we can get some curve balls….be flexible.  Taurus can be stubborn, and these surprises may throw us off, so be flexible and remember moderation.  Taurus can encourage us to over indulge.  Flexibility keeps us strong, and allows us to move with the energy.

There has been an ongoing message in all these reports of living your truth.  Using your gifts to receive great success.  Taurus is reminding us to connect with the Earth, to look at how our ancient peoples lived.  Our ancestors knew that the Earth sustains us, they honored her for giving us life.  We are being directed to look at that, to do things more consciously, to do things differently than we have been doing them.  Such as healing.  Instead of taking an ibuprofen for a headache, why not go out and walk in the grass?  Smell some lavender (watch allergies)….etc.

We are being directed to stop being distracted, stay off other’s paths, stay focused on your path, your goals. Look in your own direct, then you will be able to attract new possibilities.  But first, WHAT DO YOU WANT?

Venus direct moving from Pisces to Aries, and Mercury becoming direct on May 3rd, things will begin to happen quickly.  This will be a good time for starting new relationships ( all areas of life).

This is truly an empowering time, as great deep healing can be obtained, as well as forgiveness.  We must become more conscious, and see beauty around us.  Look outside, trees are becoming greener, flowers are blooming, new life is springing up all around us.  Connect with that beauty.  Live your best life…but do so with integrity, honor, self respect, even a gracefully divine way.  

For those feeling stuck….this is a definite message that you need to do things in a different way. We are in a new energy, the Aquarian Age.  Remember the definition of insanity.  Listen to your soul, and trust your intuition.  Look in your own direction.  

There maybe some feeling heavy, intense energy; but know that we are being shown the brutal reality to us and this leads us down the road to complete healing.  

Many Blessings,


~ by TerraRubrae on April 26, 2017.

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