Leo Full Moon


Leo Full Moon
February 10, 2017
7:32pm EST

Happy Snow Moon! This is our 3rd full moon during our winter cycle, and it is in fun loving, sunny Leo. We also have a penumbral lunar eclipse with our full moon accompanied by a comet (45P/Honda-Mrkos-Pajdusakova). This is a completion of the energy from the solar eclipse back in September 2016. I will say upfront that there is a lot of fire and air (creation) in the stars this full moon, so you will have to work at grounding yourself.
We just had Imbolc, the stirring of the Earth, and now are headed into Ostara which is the Spring Equinox, a rebirth, and is when the light and dark (Goddess and God) are equal. Creation and emotional energies are brewing. Just be alert, the moon will go VOC (void of course) from 5:52am – 1:51 pm as she moves into the astrological sign of Virgo. At this time, you should avoid moon work, as it is a still time. There is a lot going on so I will do the reading in a separate message. .
Let’s talk about this much needed penumbral eclipse. Eclipses are doorways that help you transform, change, or shift your life to go on the energy path you want. This energy, along with the release energy of the full moon, will help us put an end to what is going on now, opening us up to new beginnings. Eclipses are a very transformative time. This energy can take you out of your current situation and put you into one that you never expected…or even thought of, but it will be beneficial to you and you will be where you need to be.
Change can be scary to many, as it triggers our fear emotion. As scary as “change” may sound, you can trust this energy. This energy will be pulling us in the direction that we need to be in now, for specific reasons. If something needs to be gone from your life, if you dont release it, things will unfold and it will fall away. Eclipses do act like teachers. This marks the first of the eclipses this year. Enjoy the unfolding, as we want the highest possible good, so think about the bigger picture. You will have to deal with that you’ve been putting off, as this is a time that can bring about great change, in ways it may feel as if magic at play here.
Leo is now taking center stage, the king of the jungle, and this energy will help you stand up for yourself, to trust in yourself. The sun and moon are in opposition which will bring us heightened emotions and the lunar eclipse will enhance this energy and will also open the door for a change in this area as well. Jupiter (retro in Libra) is in opposition with Uranus (Aries) and this set the stage for a big opportunity for transformation.
I have mentioned transformation several times in this astrological energy reading, because it is making itself known. The thing about transformation is that it brings change. Many fear change because of the uncertainty it brings. We are pushed out of our ruts, into the unknown. Thus, we see this “unknown” as chaos or wrong. We must remember that order does come from chaos, but focus is needed. When we resist the change/transformation, we see this as upheavals and tend to put negative connotations on it. But these upheavals can allow us to truly see why the transformation is needed, and allowance is key here. Now, with this energy, many may be feeling out of control and un-grounded, but this is just fear playing with your emotions. Remember as I stated above, it is is an emotional energy here and can allow much healing to take place. Our challenge, is to turn that upheaval energy into elevation, shifting us into a higher level of consciousness. The trick is to allow the change, what we resist, persists. We have to see bigger pictures, and Jupiter reminds us of that. We have to fully understand and comprehend what an ending is…..it just leads to a new beginning. You can not have a new beginning when you bring in the energy of the past. When we surrender to the divine flow, we are better able to manifest the path we want. Taking something negative and turning it around to use it as a positive is the one trick many miss. Let the worn-out, old energy die, walk through the doorway of transformation, use the resources you have to elevate. Remember to ground, ground, ground….there’s not going to be any help astrologically.
Release what needs to be released, and walk through the door way of possibilities. Turn the chaos, focus it on the energy of higher consciousness.
Full Moon Blessings,

Sirona Rose



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