Energetic Balance


The rise of the Divine Feminine has really been of the focus since 2012, all the while putting down the patriarchal society.  And of course there has been many writings on how we must balance these energies inside us.  But what we do not hear is that the patriarchal society was operating at it’s negative essence.  Every year is a learning experience, and as we live more, we learn more.  When I did dedicate myself to the Divine Goddess, I was not expecting the Divine God to show up. The Divine Goddess is our Mother, she’s immortal, nurturing, loving, caring…all inclusive. I was thinking maybe I would just fall into a lush flower garden, play with the fae, learning their magic…… conversing with the ancients, letting them share with me their ancient knowledge….. you get my drift.  Imagine my surprise when that boundary loving Divine God energy engulfed me?  Day by day, it seemed, I was bombarded by challenges that forced me to draw my boundaries…very deep.  I never understood what a doormat I had become, how wounded I was to allow other’s to take advantage of me.  He made me draw my sword and fight him, show him what I AM.  He challenged me at just about every point, and I have the scars to prove it.  But the most important lesson he taught me is that every thing has limits.  We are living in a world with certain laws; such as the law of gravity, cause and effect.  People will treat you exactly the way you allow them to treat you, you set your level of self respect.  Action is very important, you must go after what you want.  I am truly grateful for the experience and I know its not over, as it has just begun.

Just as his energy has been misused, the Divine Goddess energy can be as well.  We can not be so allowing as to endanger our loved ones.  Many speak of the yin/yang, masucline/feminine energies must be balanced, but can they truly be?  As we know, masculine and feminine will never be equal, as one spreads the seed and the other brings life to that seed, bringing it into existence. Without action, there is no manifestation. In this world, with some exceptions, there is either males or females.  And in nature, there is no true balance, it’s more of a harmony.  Look at cats, dogs, and many other animals; when the go in heat, they will normally have more than one partner at one time.  Now how is that balance?  For me, I am a female and I acknowledge my masculine energy, but when it comes down to it, I am more feminine.  Sure, there are times I may act in the masculine, but I will feel better in the feminine. Focusing on “balance” doesn’t necessarily behoove us, as it will cause more friction as there is always a tugging and because we are all different.  Focusing on “harmony” allows a smooth exchange between the energies.  Observe nature in her rawest form, there has to be a flowing harmony.  We must be very conscious of the verbiage we use, as it does carry it’s own energy as well.

The pendulum is swinging, from one side to the next.  It may feel like it’s spending a long time at one end, but rest assured, it will swing back.  This swinging will happen until it finally rests in the middle.  Yes, it will still gently be swaying both left and right, but it will be in a harmonious sway.

Many Blessings,


~ by TerraRubrae on February 1, 2017.

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