Aquarius New Moon

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The Aquarius New Moon is here again, many felt that this was some very much needed energy. I have been feeling Aquarius’s rebellious energy since the beginning of the week. I felt that carefree, live one energy. The beginning of this moon brought about the rattlesnakes rattle. Her message was very loud and very received. Carrying snake energy is a very intense energy, and most that carry it as healers. One thing the snake teaches us is change, transmutation/transition. Another is the most important one to me, because it can be life or death, is the shedding away of the old skin. Snakes must release the old skin, releasing that which is no longer needed. Here you have deep change in maybe drastic ways. Combine with the new moon energy, we are definitely headed for some change. Today, Jan 28th, is also the Chinese New Year, and it is the Fire Chicken/Rooster year. Fire is definitely about action, and Roosters are very intelligent, but also unpredictable. This energy is hopeful, but it is very particular. Rooster is also the opposite of the Chinese Zodiac sign Rabbit, so you rabbits out there this could be a very interesting year indeed. The animal doesnt fully take over until February 3rd, but the energy of newness is drenching us with its essence. WE have several planets are in Pisces that is really encouraging our emotional attachments. Mars was on the tail in was in Pisces as well but will move into Aries, so we will feel some impatience. Saturn square with Venus in Pisces, with Mars influence makes us want to spring forward, to , but this square tells us its not time. New Moons are about new beginnings, and it being coupled with the Fire Rooster New Year, it will have some intense energy that will take us to the Full Moon on February 11th which will be an eclipse and end the New Year celebrations with the Lantern Festival. This energy really sets the tone of the year. The Keywords are: FOCUS, LONG-TERM GOALS, WALK YOUR TALK AND FOLLOW THROUGH!
This New Moon, we are planting seeds alright as we are being pushed to think differently, having new perspectives, there’s no middle road here. Rooster says “WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP!!” As Bob Dylan said, “The Times They Are a-Changin’”.
The first card that presents itself is the KING OF WANDS, and yep action action. This is Leo energy, and carries the mover-shaker energy. This is passion and enthusiasm, creation and generosity. This is definitely the energy we are coming into this year with. Change is happening very quickly right now, and makes it difficult for many to adjust. We, as humans, like our ruts and this energy is the total opposite of ruts. This energy is out going to say the least. Creation is definitely upon us, and focus.
Next, his consort, the QUEEN OF WANDS, visits with us and she reminds us of the importance of love for the home and family. Her enthusiasm aids us in the multitasking energy and tells us that using our energy to the best of the good is the important thing. We have to be able to not get distracted. Keep your eyes on our goals with intense passion, and focus. You make your way to that which you want.
Another King, KING OF CUPS addresses us as well, and he brings in the water/emotional energy. This energy represents the Pisces energy we have going on with our planet right now. Its about emotions, but we have to be in control of our emotions. He reminds us of the importance of our intuition, its a good time to work on enhancing those gifts you have. Wisdom comes from within and being fair to all.
The last card is the 3 OF CUPS, a coming together of like minds in order to bring about creation. This is a very social card, one that is with friends and like minds. Through our focus, determination and endurance, creativity and passion, it will bring us to a place of enlightenment, happiness. We will be able to celebrate, to come together with those of similar paths. This is a card of growth and success. It can be a promotion at work, learning something new….advancements.
This is a really good reading for this New Year of the Fire Rooster and Aquarius New Moon.
Stay grounded and remember not to get distracted. This is energy of great focus and passion, so really take advantage of it. The main thing we will struggle with is change and getting out of our own way!


©january 29, 2017


~ by SironaRose on February 1, 2017.

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