Taurus Super Full Moon Reading 11/14/2016


HAPPY TAURUS SUPER FULL MOON!!!  This is the closest the moon for will to the earth for another 17 years.  The energy of that moon last night was crazy, and this reading is awesome as well.  This is a lengthy reading so I will shorten it down as much as possible.

There are four cards that I want you to really pay attention to and it is:


These are really important, as they are higher arcane cards.  The Green Man, Green Woman, The Seer and The Shaman.  The Green Man is the energy we are starting out with and it is fertile, creative energy (maybe you’re in a time of beginning something new, or even can mean what is going on around us) and it is about new beginnings, or a fresh start. With The Green Woman, this is more of a nurturing energy, guidance, and healing as well as connecting to the earth.  The Seer’s energy is about focusing on that which you want to manifest.  In this deck, she faces the Shaman.  Here you are also being reminded to listen to your intuition to help guide you (not all the noise from the outside, but inner).  She is in control of her emotions to allow the ultimate “soul healing”. The Shaman is the wild man of the forest, he walks between the worlds.  Here you are being advised to apply yourself to make things happen. In this reading they all have some sort of vessel, and even the vessel cards are present, these represent water (emotions, dreams, and the psyche).  Ending the reading with the King of Vessels which is about responsibility and diplomacy.  Being tolerant and understanding of situation, as well as consider others….but to not milk the pity train as this is the negative energy of this card.

This reading is about manifesting changes we want to see.  In order for these changes to happen, the old has to be destroyed (fall apart).  We must understand that things do not change over night, they may require a bit of time.  When we are given a new start, it is up to us to determine how it will go.  Maybe we are remembering a time that was far simpler, one that warms our hearts.  We can have these times again, but it does require work…as in get up off your booty and make things happen.  We are powerful manifesters, and many do not even realize that they are doing so.  We do this through our actions/choices, thoughts and words.  We have to take responsibility for ourselves and be accountable, making sure that we are grounded but in-tune with Spirit.

This moon is very grounding, and it will bring us to our needs, such as love, nurturing, healing, and happiness.  In order to have the new beginnings, we must first let the old die away.  We are in our dark time now, so remember this is a time of inner growth.

I hope you enjoyed this reading, as it is a bit deep.  This is a new deck I am using and the reading was a bit long, so I just shortened it down a bit.  The deck is The Wild Wood Tarot by Mark Ryan and John Matthews, illustrated by Will Worthington.

Many Blessings,

Sirona Rose


~ by SironaRose on November 17, 2016.

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