Oracle of the Day


After cleansing and blessings my new cards, I decided to meditate then pull one (the picture was taken in candle light). I pulled The Journey. This card is known as the Death card in RW style of tarot. I do like to read the books that come with the cards as they offer an insight as to how these cards/what these cards mean and how the artist/creator felt they meant. So one thing it addresses is how we always like to lighten up the Death card. We use terms such as transition, time where things are changing….I myself have done this because many people are traumatized by the hell, fire and brimstone dogma. This book addresses that and urges us to really look at this card as it urges us to escape the taboo, and face the essence and inevitability of Death. Our ancients saw death quite differently from main stream religions today, as they believed in reincarnation. Just as the Sun God dies at Summer Solstice, he is reborn at the Winter Solstice. So, it was a huge celebration at the end of one’s life, as they were celebrating the person’s life and the blessings they brought into the world. They knew, this wasn’t it….the soul lived on. The dead were our ancestors and they were greatly honored, and we still should. This card represents Samhain on the Wheel of the Year, unsurprisingly, and really taps into what all is happening in our world today.
Being in the Age of Aquarius, we must understand that we have entered into this new age, and in this new age comes new challenges. As I sit here and see what is going on in this world now, I do see that a huge change needs to be made. The Journey reminds us of cycles, and the necessity of change. Of course, Change is our only constant. Too many of us are consumed by fear that we can not see the forest for the trees, we are challenged to stop and delve deeper. When we look at this card, it reminds us to do this within our life, as it is happening around us as well. As above, so below; as within so without. We are urge to look at something with a different perception, to step outside the box and to see all there is instead of our narrow view. This takes great maturity, and we are all definitely see where that is lacking in today’s society.
The Journey, reminds us of cycles of life, celebrate, rejoice and be grateful for that which is past so we may sent good energy to the future. With each ending, there is a brand new beginning…..that how that beginning will be depends solely on you. Remember, what you are putting out will be coming back to you. Fear has no place here, we must face what is before us, remember change brings purification and realignment. Time is precious, and every living thing sacred. Breathe deep and know that this too shall pass.

Stacy Hill


~ by TerraRubrae on November 12, 2016.

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