Scorpio New Moon Reading 10/30/2016


Merry Meet every one!!  I hope everyone is having a good week, are making the best out of it. This is some intense energy we are having and many are just exhausted. There is a geomagnetic storm going on now (Oct 26-27). This energy can give us achy bodies and worn out feelings. Solar wind stream on Oct 25-28 is producing a strong response including a G3-class storm ( effects the satellites, problems with voltage items and the aurora has been seen down as low as Oregon and Illinois) and is one of the strongest magnetic disturbances of 2016. Check out the link to find out more info:

This is really adding to these intense energies. Just look around the world right now. There are so many secrets getting revealed, intensity of the presidential elections here in the States, as well as the increased separation of peoples. But dont worry, Scorpio is dishing out his energy with no hesitation. Can we say transformation?! Just remember to breathe..not shallow short breathing, but deep breaths to calm and ground. We must remain grounded at this time, as the energy we are sending out is being enhanced. Neptune is still swimming in Pisces retrograde, be careful of illusions and if you have issues with depression, be mindful of this energy so you can avoid it really setting in.
Are you a star gazer? Then heads up we have some wonderful meteor showers happening at this time.
Orionids and Leonids will be visible Oct – November. Orionids heightened on Oct 21st, so I hope you were able to see them. The Orionids are fragments left over by Haley’s comet that orbits every 76 years, and will be visible until the first week of November. The Leonids will peak on Nov 17th. They both will be visible by both hemispheres. We have some stuff going on with our stars as well.
We are having something exciting happening….We are having a new moon the night before Samhain! On Oct 30th will will have our Scorpio New Moon and this will set the tone for the month of November. This is the time to plant seeds and its good for intimate relationships or ones to delve deep into our desires. Do you desire something deep within you that you want to bring forth? This is the energy that will support that. Scorpio will help us face our shadow, making us stronger….TRANSFORMATION! Now this energy can be a bit tricky as it can have some of you feeling a bit more insecure than normal…maybe even vulnerable. Be mindful, Scorpio energy has the energy of extremes. The Moon will be conjunct Mercury, this can lead to clingy like energy as well as being a bit nostalgic. The good thing is Mercury will bring a bit of a lightness energy and this can be humorous and charming. Neptune’s influence may make us a bit sensitive, remember it is still in Pisces and emotions are key, so watch your boundaries.
This is a great time to devote yourself to your passions. Be careful about devoting yourself to a person, as this can lead to being codependent in your relationship as well as you may be disappointed in the end as it will not truly fulfill you. Remember, Scorpio is inward, so this energy is more about facing our own shadows. True they can come to us by ways of people. Scorpio really goes down to our deepest darkest desires, things we might wish would stay hidden. One thing I do want to add here about this Scorpio energy (Sun, Moon, and Mercury are conjunct all week) things that are suppressed/push down, will be aching to come forth.
The Sun is trine Neptune and this is giving us some really sweet enchanting energy, so your imagination can be a bit out there. Enjoy but be mindful of what energy you are sending out there because this New Moon is packed full of possibilities and very suggestive energy. Also keep in mind that this is a new, dark moon in the energy of Scorpio that is the sign of shadows and secrets. This is also a good energy for divination. This energy is good for investigations as well as going deep within self (I’ve mentioned this a couple times in different ways, so I am feeling this energy is one we need to explore). This is a good time to start meditation (or if you already do, this is the time to get deeper into it) or therapy. This energy is very receptive energy and this moon support allowing things to develop with patience and time…this is not showy energy. You will feel the truth, as much as you will know it.

I do want to add that the moon’s nodes are harmonious so this does aid in these intense energies as it helps in connecting the dots. Please take the time to read between the lines—look deeper for facts as this is not a superficial time.


Where we are–10 OF WANDS, this is overburdened feeling. A lot of us simply have too much on our plates. It is time to sit down, see what is needed and not needed and get rid of what is not needed. We can have people or things that are just sucking the life out of us and really not going anywhere. This is the time to release those things and move on so you can expand. Its time to decide. Cut down on your commitments so you can focus on more productive/creative things.
What we are feeling inside— 6 OF CUPS, many of us are remembering a time when things were simpler, sweeter, easier, or happier. We are missing that innocent feeling of “not knowing”, this is the energy of ignorance is bliss. We can even be remembering past loves, those people that brought us much happiness. We are remembering a time of blissful energy, instead of the hectic overwhelmed feelings we may be going through.
What is happening on the outside—7 OF CUPS, cups represent water/emotions, intuition, dreams and imagination. Here we are being guided to choose. Choose which path you want to go down, what is it you want to accomplish? This is the energy of focus, one of picking a path and walking strictly down it. The energy is too scattered, draw your energy in and listen to your intuition and pick the path that is most productive for you….one that will feed your soul. You really have to listen to your gut/intuition here, its time to create your life instead of sitting on the side lines.
Your advice—3 OF PENTACLES, pentacles represent earth and material things/possessions. This is the card of the apprentice. This is saying that through hard work, much can be obtained. This path you are on will take some very committed energy. Through time, your gifts/talents will be honed and it will aid in supporting you physically. Through hard-work and determination, many things are possible. With Jupiter in Libra, this really supports this expansive energy. Your accomplishments will not come over night, it will bloom slowly…but you will be able to see the progress.
Outcome— DEATH, this card is all about rebirth and transformation. With the new moon being in Scorpio, transformation is heavily supported. Through the work you are doing, expect major shifts in your life. You could be leaving a relationship, a job or moving….but to some thing better. You are changing from one direction to another. When you focus and commit yourself to a definite path, your life will begin to change and transform into one of your passion.
Card on the bottom of the deck, sets the energy of the reading—SUN, this is about rebirth. I see here that the energy is supporting this transformation…new beginnings and a rebirth of sorts. I feel this will really be noticeable around the Winter Solstice, but you will see progress along the way. This is a gradual thing, not rushed.

Many Blessings,

Sirona Rose


~ by SironaRose on October 28, 2016.

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