Libra Black New Moon & Reading

Today at 7:11pm est we are having our Libra Black New Moon.

Black Moons are simply a second new moon in a calendar month.
New Moons are a time of new beginnings, when we plant the seeds we want to manifest. It is a good time to work on self as well, gaining clarity. This is a very feminine energy time, as energies are enhanced during this time. This is a time of spiritual insights, intuitive feelings, deep emotions, and if you’re having doubt in any area in your life, this is the time they will be revealed as we will feel a sense of liberation by letting them go. The recent eclipses we’ve had ( especially in September) are playing a hand in showing us what we need to let go of/ end, all of 2016 has definitely been a year of change. With the moon being in Libra (as well as the sun), our relationships will be in the spotlight.
The intense energies at this time can bring some beneficial opportunities to us. It is a time to trust in your intuition and any kind of creativity\aspirations at this time. Tapping into this energy can help us go in positive directions and find clarity, awakening us to the path of our highest good.
This time is a very positive time and all this Libra energy (with Venus in Scorpio), this could be a time were stronger, deeper relationships to develop. This is a new time, a beginning, bringing intuition and aspirations.

Sun, Moon, Mercury and Jupiter are in Libra, which is really good energy.  This is good for relationships and in business.  Mars in Capricorn is going to bring some challenges, so make sure you are feeling your decisions with your heart and soul…not just your mind.  Saturn in Sagittarius is testing our boundaries, better make sure your are well known.  This is a time people will test you, and with Libras influence, balance is going to be needed.  Neptune will trine Venus and this is a beautiful energy.  This is an energy you need to tap into, especially when Neptune aspects the Sun and Moon…delicious energy here!  Relationships will be highlighted.  Venus in Scorpio is really intense energy.  Scorpio is all about some transformation while Venus is all about some love.  Here we can see relationships solidifying or abruptly separating.  In this placements, our deepest desires can be awakened, remember Scorpio loves to dig deep even exposing those things that are hidden (and maybe shouldn’t be so exposed).  Use caution here, do not tempt the Goddess Venus while she is drenched in that Scorpion energy, darkest desires could manifest before your eyes.  Here (with Libra influence) relationships will go deeper, allowing that soulmate energy.  If you’re just meeting some one, remember not to get lost in that energy, dig deep to make sure this is the right person for you.  This with the black new moon, intensity will be off the chain.  This will definitely be a time for separating the wheat from the chafe. ON with the reading.

New Moon Reading

  1. Over all theme of this period is 2 of PENTACLES. Here we are trying to gain a balance, or even taking on new skills.  You are juggling many things at one time, make sure you’re balancing it all out.
  2. What to reflect on in love is  the 7 of CUPS.  This card is basically telling us that we need to choose what it is we truly want and to focus upon that, actively as well.  You may have been having some dreams about certain things (night dreams or day dreams).  Make your choice and go in the way that you will be emotionally fulfilled.
  3. What to let go of at work or in your career is the KING of PENTACLES.  This King is asking us to back down from “work”.  It seems that many of us have had our noses to the grid stone.  In this position, this card advises us to let go of the workaholic mentally and enjoy the rest of your life.
  4. What to reflect on in your spiritual journey is the QUEEN OF PENTACLES. This is the ultimate Earth Mother.  This card is advises us that to help us balance our lives, we need to spend some time in nature.  Now the the seasons are changing, and so too can the energy within us.  Connecting with the Earth Mother will allow us to ground better, focus on the direction we need to go, and having a deeper understanding of the cycles of life.
  5. Where you need to relax and pause is the PAGE OF SWORDS.  Here, we are advised to not get lost in pettiness.  It is OK to unplug from all the hustle and bustle of the world. Slowing down will allow you to pat attention to all that is going on around you, there are things you need to be seeing.  Pages bring messages, and it being a Page of Swords, here I am feeling that there is a message you are needing to get, but in order to receive you must slow down and allow yourself the space to be still and hear it.

I hope you enjoyed the reading and it can help you out.  This is really an intense time, so just breathe…slow down and ground, you will be able to weather through this.

Happy Black New Moon!

Many Blessings,

Sirona Rose

~ by SironaRose on October 1, 2016.

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