Oracle Message of the Day

These cards feel out of the deck, so they have a message for its all.Be Patient….In this world we rush to work, to meetings, to appointments and we forget that there is life happening all around us. It’s time to be aware now. Today notice things around you, smell the flowers…stop and Snell your environment. Things will work out, things will unfold one petal at a time…just allow it too. 

Have Courage…you were built for this! Be as fearless as the lion. The Lion knows his strength, he doesn’t back down. Feel it in your bones that you can and will succeed.

Follow the Moon…..we all know the Moon has cycles, and so do we. One thing that I have helped people do is to tap into your feelings during this time. The Moon affects us just as it does the Earth,be mindful of this. Do you get emotional? Do you get angry? These avenues will help you learn your cycles and we’ll let you know how to adjust yourself accordingly. Also, you need to really tap into your intuition, go to your core and really be conscious of your feelings.

Many Blessings

Sirona Rose

~ by SironaRose on August 4, 2016.

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