Leo New Moon AstroDivination

Sun : Leo

Moon: Leo

Mercury : Virgo

Venus : Leo

Mars : Sagittarius

Jupiter : Virgo

Saturn : Sagittarius (R)

Uranus : Aries (R)

Neptune : Pisces (R)

Pluto : Capricorn (R)

New Moon in Leo is at 3:45 pm est

We have had one intense summer, and I would like to say that its over and for some it will be on the up swing.  For some that are still stuck in the “play, stop rewind, play, rewind”, basically stagnate, there is going to be a bit more edgy energy.  You see, Mars has been in Scorpio, which is the underworld (transition) so it basically comes down to are you going allow or are you being dragged along.  Today, Mars makes his way into Sagittarius so there is a lightning here, but with Uranus (illumination) in Aries retrograde things will be a bit tricky. There is a lot of tension in the world right now, so dont feed that energy.  I know its hard, but the only way we can get through this is to keep on going.  Dont stop and wallow, keep going.  Eris and Uranus come together for the first time since Eris was named and discovered.  Eris was named after the Goddess of Strife and holds a feminine consciousness, one that shakes and wants us to pull out of the ME and see the WHOLE while Uranus, the awakener/illuminater, will really put your chaos in your face making you deal with it. Saturn in Sagittarius (although retrograde) is urging us to take the higher road in the areas that have conflict in our lives. All that said, this Leo New Moon coupled with Leo Sun, as well as Venus being in Leo…we can really have some good lovin happening.  This is rekindle love, spark inspiration and creativity.  Leo’s planet is the Sun, so shine baby shine!  Let that spark inside of you shine brightly.  This energy is definitely one of new beginnings, and maybe even a feeling of a clean slate.  We know the injustices in this world, but we can do our part not to add to the discord by doing our own work ourselves.  Make this work for you!  Now on with the reading.


Where we are is the 9 of WANDS, represents fire.  We have been on alert in our lives.  We have been protecting, a feeling of having to defend something that is yours (maybe even self) maybe standing your ground and drawing boundaries.  This card urges us to be alert to what is going on in our lives.  Like how do others speak to you?  How do others treat you?  Do you feel like some one is attacking you?  With all the turmoil in the world right now, many are having to stand their ground and hold tight to their integrity.  Remember, another person’s rights end where yours begins. You are responsible for your own life, so own that. Stay strong now, remember 9s are about endings, so hang tight.

What we are not seeing is the QUEEN OF SWORDS, intellect, communication and represents air.  I also called the Queen of Swords the shit stirrer as she will cut through all the muck and see the truth.  In this placing, it seems we are not realizing that this is what is going on.  We have to get out of our own way.  We can live such stressful busy lives, we have a routine for everything, but this also causes us to try to control everything.  Some times, you have to go through something to get to the place you want to be.  We must allow the truth to land on our ears.  She urges us to listen to our intuition and believe in our self. This Queen tells us to allow newness in our lives, her left hand is open in the receiving position.  Allow yourself to take the rose colored glasses off and truly see…with your physical eyes as well as your intuitive eye (3rd eye).

What we are aware of is the ACE OF CUPS, represents water and emotions.  When I see this card it reminds me of a saying my grandmother had, “My cup runeth over”.  Here, we are blessed.  We know that we can have that feeling.  Growth is happening, we know new things are coming.  We can see this happening in different areas of our lives, as well as in others around us.  Deep down we know there is rebirth happening all around us.  New things are coming, be ready.

The advice is 4 of PENTACLES, represents Earth and material possessions.  Here, we are being advised to not hold on to things that are not healthy for us.  This is the energy of holding tight, resistance…are you resisting change?  I also feel for some, that they have reached some goals, accomplished what they have set out to accomplish but not enjoying it.  You are being advised to find happiness in your life again.  Maybe you are feeling closed up because you have set unhealthy boundaries in your life allowing those around you to take advantage of you.  I am also feeling that some have just grabbed a hold of the physical to compensate for feeling out of control.  You have to stop resisting flexibility and change.  Change is the only constant in the world, you can either go willingly or it can drag you along….this is where you are being dragged along.  Its time to lighten up, enjoy life and be happy.  You are the only one that can make that happen, so do so and stop making others suffer for your inability to enjoy life.

The outcome is the KNIGHT OF CUPS.  This usually denotes an actual person.  This Knight is offering to us the cup of life.  He is faithful and true and he represents movement.  Following the path of these cards, we end in happiness.  We move into a more harmonious state.  Romance can even come into our lives, traveling for pleasure as well.  If we take the advice and just relax, our hearts desires will come to us but we can not be ridged.  The mind, body and soul have to be in harmony. When we relax, we are able to open up to the gifts that are being offered to us, doors that are opening and by releasing the “control freak” mentality, you will ease into better health and happiness.

Underlying energy of the reading is the WORLD.  This card reminds us that everything is about cycles/seasons.  Spiritual lessons are being offered to you. This is the energy that helps connect you to those that you spiritually connect to as well.  I feel a completion in some people’s lives, something has come to an end.  Please know that endings create beginnings, so rebirth is here, remember rebirth happens in many ways.  This card is the completion of the Fool’s journey in the tarot, take the lessons of the Fool….trust in you, be open to receive those divine messages, listen to your intuition, know that all of life happens in cycles and by all means enjoy it and know that you are the magician in your life, you do plan the way it goes as you make those decisions every day.

This is a really great reading.  As much as we love our ruts, we can not fight change as it does nothing but make our lives miserable.  I feel that this reading is saying that the energy is lightening up and you do have the ability to have the life that is harmonically fulfilling to you. By listening to the advise and getting rid of unhealthy habits, we create a space for peace and love.  Life offers us many things every day, and most of it we fail to see.  But that is OK, we can only receive at the level we energetically ready for.  If we allow ourselves to step out of our comfort zones, try something new or do something that we only dream of doing, we might find that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  Dont get lost in all the materially based things on this Earth that we forget our emotions.  Leo is really speaking loud about love, happiness and expansion.  Have a great New Moon and set those intentions!

Many Blessings,

Sirona Rose


~ by SironaRose on August 3, 2016.

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