Capricorn Full Moon 7/19/2015 AstroTarot

Happy Capricorn Full Moon to you all, full moon is July 19th @ 5:57 pm est.  These are some very intense times we are having right now and it seems it just keeps coming to us.  All over the world, there are different tragedies happening and it seems to be on a daily basis.  A quick line up of the planets

  • Moon – Capricorn
  • Sun – Cancer
  • Mercury – Leo
  • Venus – Leo
  • Mars – Scorpio
  • Jupiter – Virgo
  • Saturn – Sagittarius
  • Uranus – Aries
  • Neptune – Pisces
  • Pluto – Capricorn

Capricorn is our security and Cancer is our emotions/relationships.  Full Moons illuminate, so this is where it will shine brightly.  Emotions are very heightened, as this Sun and Moon opposition, advises us to balance our work and relationships.  Also if there is any part of your relationships (all) that are not a mutual give and take or any kind of conflict, it will be known.  Revelations can happen at this time and they might be life altering changes.  This Mars in Scorpio energy is really playing games with us.  This is the energy of  “We want what we want, when we want it” and can lead us to extremism as well as major transformation.  Please remember we are just at the beginning of the Age of Aquarius and this does influence the energy.  When change is needed, chaos comes.  And with the Uranus in Aries, it will really allot to some wild times.  One thing I want to point out here is that while Mars/Scorpio puts us in a position to get things done now, Mercury in Leo has us in this position of talking and not listening.  Here, you have to be careful that you are truly listening to what is being said and then acting.  So dont throw the baby out with the bath water….this is what leads to total break downs in all type of communication and and lead us down roads that may no be the healthiest for us.  Please use caution as the emotion is running high.  Saturn is hanging out in Sagittarius and it may be feeling like things are going at a snails pace, but this is OK.  This type of energy is great for evolution, maturity.  We are being challenged right now, as this teaches us to be reliable on our Self.  We are responsible for us, and we have to stop blaming others, dig down deep within tapping into our inner strength.  We can no longer just look the other way, we have to understand what healthy boundaries are.  Conserve our energy, as it will be needed. Neptune in Pisces can bring out some dark energy, this can be almost like psychotic energy.  It is unpredictable, stay grounded.  Jupiter in Virgo is telling to us it is tiem to get things done.  So if you are wanting to learn a new skill, new job or just have some new training this is good energy for it.  Remember, Jupiter is a planet of expansion. Venus in Leo is bringing some delicious energy of love. This energy is comparable to the “honeymoon period” in a relationship, as well as being really extravagant in our lives….remember to balance all areas of your life right now.  We do have a beautiful water grand trine happening with the Sun, Mars and Chiron.  There is healing here, but we do have to understand something about these times, and that is change  When we are going through transformation, chaos is bound to happen.  Stay grounded, alert and by all means, make sure you are fulling listening to ALL things, this may not necessarily be the time to do all the talking.  Some times its not what you have to say but what others have to say….listen.  OK on with the reading!


First card is the MOON, this is our intuition and illusions.  I find this very interesting given that is it a full moon reading.  Here we are advised that what you think you might be seeing, may not be that at but something entirely different.  See past the illusions, the lies you may be telling yourself.  Trust in your intuition and this may be a time that you are working on those psychic abilities.  Let the full moon shine light on that which is trying to hid itself from you, look carefully.  Call on your guides, angels, totems, the Divine, etc to help you see what is real and what is an illusion.  Dont be fooled, trust in your intuition.

Second card is THE STAR, this is what we are not seeing.  Inner reflection, emotional and physical healing are the energy here.  Here, a balancing of your emotional and physical side is needed.  Remember to follow your dreams and not to give up on what which you truly desire.  The sacred Ibis bird is shown in this card and it represents Thoth, an Egyptian God of divine wisdom and science.  There will be great healing when you finally see that which has been hidden from you.  Please note, there is one foot on the Earth and one in the water….lots of healing taking place and it comes in many forms.  Keep the faith.

Third card is what we are seeing, the conscious, and it is 2 of SWORDS.  This card is all about decisions and maybe that is what you know.  You need to make a decision on something, not using just logic, but you intuition as well.  Be careful and do not block off your heart chakra right now, it is important to feel these feelings and not hold them in.  Also, it seems something is right in front of us but we have distrust in us.  Your heart may be saying one thing and your mind another.  Do not turn your back on your feelings here.  Take a look at perspectives of the situation, you may need to put up some boundaries in some areas of your life.  Your heart, mind and soul need to be on the same path.  This decision that needs to be made is one where you will have to rely on all your senses.

Fourth card is the advise and it is 8 of SWORDS, this is about feeling trapped.  Here, you are advised that you are not trapped, you can free yourself if you like.  This is a card about having responsibility for yourself.  If you have been depressed or feeling down on yourself, it is time to step out of that emotion and take your power back.  Things may seem really bad, but it may not be as bad as it could be.  Make sure you have your emotions and temper in check, as this is not the time to over react.  You can get yourself out of this, you just have to get out of your own way.

Last card is the outcome adn it is 2 of PENTACLES, more balance.  This is also the ultimate multitasking card as it usually means to make sure that you are not juggling too many things at one time as well as watch your money.  Here we are learning how to work all of ourselves at the same time.  This could also indicate the learning of a new skill in order to help balance your life more.  Things may seem rough now, but it behooves us to go with the flow here and do that which needs to be done.  This is also a second chance card, so this may indicate that you will have a second chance at getting that which you desire.  It will take concentration, maybe a new way of doing things, but it can be done.

Underlying energy of the reading is the 3 of PENTACLES.  This is saying that it is time to put all the nonsense behind us and focus on that which you want.  You can obtain great things but you must focus and work hard at it.  This is the energy of learning a new trade, going to school or a new opportunity at job training.  Either way, this is some one who is focusing and studying hard this is time to perfect your craft.  You will be appreciated for your hard work.

I hope you enjoyed this AstroTarot report and it helps you through these cycles we are in now.  The world seems to be in complete chaos.  We have the opportunity to add to it, or to ground and help get us out of it.  Being the part of a solution is so much better than being part of the problem.  Be open minded, but not so open minded that your brain falls out.  There is tremendous opportunity here, you just have to apply yourself to get it.

Many Blessings,

Stacy Hill


~ by SironaRose on July 19, 2016.

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