Cancer New Moon 7/4/2016


Happy Cancer New Moon, as well as , Happy Independence Day for those in the USA!  I always look at what is going on during the moon phases, as it adds to more of an energy reading.  I do not believe in coincidences.  So today at 6:01 am est on July 4th, we have our New Moon in Cancer. Cancer is about our emotions, think of the deep blue sea here (the crab is the symbol as well).  It is important to note that shell around the crab as well. This moon is hitting on our security, and this is well seen in the world we are living in right now.  Today we have the Sun, Moon, Venus and Mercury in Cancer.  This is water, this is our dreams, our psychic abiilities, and key…our emotions.  The above mentioned are going to be opposite of Pluto retrograde, in Capricorn so this is hitting on our finances as well.  Pluto (Scorpio) is the Lord of the Underworld and he is about power, how you use your power and importantly, transition.  Transition can be a dreaded word for many, as it means change.  As I always point out, change is our only constant just look at our seasons. Pluto can bring out our shadow as well, so be cautious here. As Pluto is in Capricorn (security) is opposite of these planets, we can see it working all over the world right now.  Understand seasons here.  This is a time where we are having to let go of some things.  We just had midsummer were the sun was at its zenith, only to be dying to be reborn in the winter.  It is really important now to go with the flow, and not get caught in the emotion merry-go-round of Cancer.  A negative aspect of Cancer is getting lost in your emotions, the pity party type energy. Mars in Scorpio isn’t helping either, as Mars is action, so this is energy that is pressing forward. This energy says “success is for those who act, not react”. There is a need for change in our lives, are your needs being met? Relationships are highlighted here, make sure you are in relationships where you feel satisfied.  We all have to compromise, but many of us bend until we are broke. This will touch on what is holding you back from your goals, your calling. Pluto will make you look deeper into your life, as in who is standing in your way. It is time to let go of the past. It is very important now for you to take care of you.  Be prepared for changes within you, you may realize you have been doing things that are not right for you.  Feminine energy is very high here, so paying attention to your intuition will be key.  Listen to YOU, honor YOU, do that which empowers you.  Please keep in mind that Pluto is in opposition, so look out for self sabotaging ways here…like eating our emotions, drinking too much etc.  There is a great cleansing and healing of self here this month, so take advantage of this energy. This is a very emotional time so use your power wisely, its time to make a commitment to you! This is a good energy for it. Now on to the reading:

First I want to talk about the underlying energy of the reading, here is the 4 of SWORDS.  Time to put the swords down, and tend to you.  This is not in the narcissistic type way, this is one of healing, your self care and how you nurture you.  It is time to go inward and see what is causing you discomfort and standing in your way.  For me, this card makes me think of self inventory, are you where you want to be?

Where we are is the 7 of SWORDS (air, intellect).  For me this card always says, leave behind that which you do not need anymore.  The winds of change are blowing.  Your at a point of wanting/presently seeing things differently and ready to take what you know and move on.  For many, this could mean a job change, relationship change, just generally a time to move on from where you presently are.

What we are not seeing is the KING OF CUPS, and what a perfect card for a Cancer New MOon.  Here we have a man that is grounded in his emotions, he knows to listen to his intuition, he taps into his creative energy to make things happen.  He is telling us that only by looking within our Self, comes true wisdom.  This can represent a person in your life, but here this is YOU.  He is telling you to learn from your experiences.  This is a balanced energy, so this is touching on the balancing needed within.  To thine own self be true.

What we know is the 4 of PENTACLES, this shows a man clinging to material things (false sense of security).  It seems we have been holding on to an ideal, what we thought was real, true and secure.  This cards energy even leads to solitude in a negative way.  This card reminds us that the only constant is change. So, what change are you resisting? Remember, life is in motion.  It is time to relax and go with the flow, release the resistance that is keeping you from experiencing LIFE at it’s fullest.

What is helping us is THE WORLD, completion.  The Green Man is pictured here, and this card represents the end of the Fools journey.  He guides us to celebrate what we have achieved.  We have survived a lot, had many lessons and found strength we never knew we had.  Things are turning around, we may not see transition as a good thing all the time, but it opens the space for us to create that which we want.  Listen to you intuition.

Our advice is the ACE OF WANDS, action action!  This card symbolizes power and new beginnings. This is time to turn your ideas into reality.  This is time to get off your butt, stop complaining about the things you can change and DO IT!  Read the astrology above, are you self sabotaging? The energy is good now to MAKE IT HAPPEN!!

Our outcome is the 5 of SWORDS, air and intellect.  This card tells us that by following this path, we will release the illusions that we once held on to. What illusions to you hold about yourself, others? With the swords pointing to the dragonfly, we are discovering more of who we are.  We are becoming more in touch with our Self, so that we may make that transition into a more harmonizing life.  The transition may be hard, so dont beat yourself up. Listen to Cancer, nurture yourself.  Keeping that harmony with in, listening to your intuition, releasing those things that keep us back, learning to EXPERIENCE life this leads to our ultimate harmony and happiness.

It is important to stay grounded now as well, as these transitions can knock us on for a loop.  Black Tourmaline works well and is protection form energetic energy as well, but with this Cancer energy I say pink quartz and moonstone is great and should go along as well.  So if you’re having a hard time right now, these stones can help us in this process we are going through.  Be happy and healthy and experience life…live in harmony!

Many Blessings,

Stacy Hill

© July 4, 2016



~ by SironaRose on July 4, 2016.

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