Litha Sagittarius Full Moon

Happy Litha and Sagittarius full moon.  What a time of illumination! We have a grand cross happening.  Mercury in Gemini  and Saturn in Sagittarius, square Jupiter in Virgo opposite Neptune in Pisces  as the Sun and Venus move into Cancer (our emotions, heart).  To me, this solidifies the reading.  We are having to be true to ourselves, we are getting illuminated…we are letting go of the illusions that we once had.  We are learning to take control and not listening to others to tell us what is right for us.  Mercury is the thinker and Gemini is the communicator, we are trying to communicate our ideas to the world.  This is the time to find out what is truth for you.  Be careful with Saturn squaring Neptune, release that negativity and what is holding you back as it shows you what is in the way and it can be overwhelming.  This squaring also goes with the KARMA card. Follow your passion!


I pulled this reading at the exact time of the Summer Solstice.  This is a “midsummer” reading to help us shine light on that which is hidden or may not be clear on and will help us to illuminate that which will best benefit us.

First card is where we are right now and it’s the 4 of SWORDS. Notice the tips here, they are pointed down and he is holding a sword pointed down as well.  Swords represent Air which is mental.  What we are doing now is grounding our thoughts.  This means, its time to gather our ideas and make them work in ways that are more beneficial to us.  We are putting our plans together. 

Second card is where you need to shine light on and that is THE CHARIOT. On this card there is a white and black horse, a balance. This is a card of movement and one that tells us we are well on our way to that which we are heading toward and we are learning that we do have control of our life.  Focus on those things that are working for you, that help you balance your life. 

The third card is what aspects should shine right now, and its the PAGE OF WANDS.  ACTION.  He tells us to keep being eager, keep up the energy here, go get it.  Listen to your imagination as well, as this can bring you new prosperous ideas.  There could be an invitation that could be very beneficial to you, so pay attention.   Focus on that which makes you happy!

The fourth card is what is in the shadows and it is the 5 OF CUPS.  This is very much a big message.  Seems we haven’t released those things that are keeping us back.  We seem to be looking at what we are missing, instead of honoring what we have.  This can lead to depression, remember cups represent water.  You do have options and choices…time to make them.  We need to release the past, and embrace the present and look forward to the future.  If we do not face our shadow, we will not be able to go forward.
The fifth card is what will grow after you face your shadows and it is THE TOWER.  Here, if you face your shadows, release that which is holding you back, etc, you will rebuild stronger and better.  Some times things have to be completely destroyed, so you can begin again.  This is your chance.

The sixth card is what you need to nurture and it is KNIGHT OF WANDS.  He is all about some change and adventure.  He goes after his passion.  We need to stay true to that which pulls us, drives us, following our heart/passions. Nurture that which sings to your heart…it is time!

The seventh card is what will shine forth until the fall and it is KARMA.  The cycles of our life reminds us that to everything there is a season.  Choices you make today, will be your tomorrow.  When we are consciously aware and working on bettering our life, magic happens…as it leads to positive transformation.  What ever you focus on, work toward, will be your future…choose wisely!

I hope you enjoyed the reading.  May you have a blessed Litha as we prepare ourselves for the darker half of the year.

Stacy Hill

~ by SironaRose on June 21, 2016.

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