Oracle and Faerie Message

45TimetoGroundThe Oracle Message of the week is Time to Ground.  Just look how beautiful this card is. This card is very much needed after all the intense energy we have had.  From the past tragedies we have had in the USA, grounding is very much needed.  Times of chaos and turmoil leave us feeling completely out of sorts.  We are unsure of our stepping, maybe expecting the ground to crumble from beneath us.  It is time to go within.  Give all this chaotic energy to Mother, release it into her to be cleansed.  Spend some times with trees, or just out in a park, take a deep breath, and push that energy down. Rest when you can, take care of you.


Our Faerie Message:  The first Fae that is visiting us is The Pook.  This guy is a shape-shifter, he is the paradox; the good in the bad, the bad in the good.  He weaves spells of illusion, as he is the Master.  He is against the rigid mind sets, he encourages inquiring minds.  The Pook asks you to expand and see things in totally different perspectives.  He tells us to wake up and see that the paradoxes and confusion are made by our selves.  It is time to cut through the contradictions.  It is time for us to get a reality check, in all areas of your life.  Some times, you need to see things in black and white.

Our next visitor is The Soul Shrinker, he is about cruelty, destruction, gossip and even blessings.  The story is told that The Soul Shrinker was very beautiful, but listening to and witnessing all of the humans ugliness rubbed off on his appearance.  His heart is deeply compassionate and his heartfelt wish is that we will learn “right speech” and “right thought”.  One of his lessons is tat we must take responsibility for Self.  Learn our lessons, concentrating on constructive criticism and taking the correct steps to release negative energy (his blessing).  His blessing is he teaches us to have deep compassion for our Self and to just be REAL

Our last visitor is  Himself.  I am really not surprised he made his presence known, as Midsummer/Litha/Summer Solstice is a few days away.  This is my absolute favorite card in the deck. He is natural law, life force, magic and has Shamanic energy.  He is the Sidhe and is a guardian of both the hunter and the hunted and he finds not conflict in that as he understands the harmony nature must keep.  That which he touches, he becomes more of.  He brings great victory and triumph.  He reminds us of our own inner power, our self confidence. He reminds us to breathe and listen to our heart beat and truly feel life force rushing through our bodies.  He is the living bond between all life.  He brings magic into our Earth Mother.  He dances the great dance of life and death.  This card is just breath taking.  His eyes look as if you’re looking into a scrying mirror, his heart, third eye and crown chakra are lit brightly….just beautiful!

I hope you enjoyed the reading.  I will say, the energy of this reading is a bit different…definitely Fae energy 🙂

Many Blessings

~ by SironaRose on June 15, 2016.

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