Goddess Kissed

SAM_0172I was recently asked what brought me to my Goddess path.  The first thing that came to my mind was, “I have always been on my path.  I have loved nature from the moment I experienced it.  That energy has always been in me, just unexpressed”.  That seemed to suffice for them, but for me, nothing I could’ve said could ever make them truly understand the passion behind those words. Some things are not meant to be words.  This morning as I walked around my yard in the rain, I felt the cleansing happening.  As we are approaching Midsummer, I can feel the energy of the sun building.  The feeling of life bursting forth is such exciting energy.  Feeling the rain fall on me, rolling down my skin, I could feel that energy that is not mine  gently being pulled from my body.  The rain dropping on a bucket, sounds just like Mother’ s heartbeat…that soon became my drum beat.  So there I was with the squirrels, birds and even a dragonfly, dancing in the rain.SAM_0170 Feeling their sweet energy as it echoed in the air.  The energy of the Mother echoing through our veins.  Feeling the fresh drink of water the plants are receiving, as well being bathed by Mother’s water, cleansing and purifying us.  This is experiencing life and feeling the true harmony of Nature!  This is truly feeling connected to Mother, to all living beings.  Rain can be a problem for some, but that is when we learn to redirect that energy into some thing to create something else.  Learning how to fully execute your life into experiences and stead of just operating can aid us in so many ways. I am so thankful to be Goddess Kissed, to receive such gifts that I know many may not fully understand…but some day will.  I didn’t necessarily “choose” my path, it chose me.  For I have the blood of the Goddess that flows through me. Her breath, my breath; her heart, my heart; her body, my body; as above, so below.

Many Blessings

Stacy Hill

~ by SironaRose on June 6, 2016.

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