Women’s Mysteries

The awakening of the Divine Feminine has been on the rise for some time now.  Yes I am thrilled.  But many, unknowingly only want to see one face of the Goddess.  In the main New Age stream, it seems that only the “good” parts of the Goddess are realized, like her nurturing, her allowing nature, her ability to receive all (as all is hers), oh and lets not forget the one thing many long for LOVE.   TribalGoddessbySueHalstenberg

Now I will admit, I do enjoy the all encompassing ecstasy of the Goddess, but in Women’s Mysteries, we have to include all three sides of the Goddess.  We see the Maiden, wild and free, experiencing life for the first time.  Then we see the Mother, holding us and telling us that everything will be alright.  But, many like to stop there when there are other aspects and other sides of the Goddess.  On the other side of “good” there are things that are considered “bad”.  Considering the other side “bad” to me is just absolutely ridiculous.  Why are we so fearful of her mysteries?  For many years the masculine energy has tried to bury this, tried to dominate it, cage it up as if that will last.  True, her mysteries are not set in stone, it’s the healing, the whirling of un-manifest energy.  One of the cycles of the Goddess is the Blood Mysteries.  Hindu’s have many temples dedicated to to this Mystery and to them it is all about fertility.  Is this the fear, of how a woman can bleed, at times for seven days, and not die?  You cant understand it, nothing can really explain it, so there for it is labeled “bad”.  Surprisingly, when you get away from mainstream religions, you see quiet a different understanding.  BleedingGoddess2There is an annual fertility festival, held around monsoon season, called Ambubachi Mela that honors Mother Shakti as she is going through her yearly menstrual cycle.   This festival is celebrated behind closed doors for three days while nothing is done, and on the fourth, every one emerges and is washed in the temple’s holy water and celebration is done.  Above picture may disturb some people, but for me it is beautiful.  It is the Goddess bringing life, bringing fertility…it is real!  But this isn’t the only aspect we fail to notice. BleedingGoddessKamakhyayoniDevipuraAndhrapradesh Below is picture of another Kamakhya Yoni in Devipuram, Andhra Pradesh.

Our world is made of cycles, seasons.  The Goddess starts out young and fertile in the spring, as she turns into the wise Crone in the fall.   With life, comes death and rebirth.  In society, we are obsessed with anti-aging products.  Always wanting to be young, but with knowledge and experience.  But how can you have experience and the knowledge that comes that age when you are young?  When we look at the yin and yang, we see one side light (masculine) and one side dark (feminine).  It is only through one’s perception that gives good and bad a channel. Energy is neither good nor bad, it simply IS.  In nature, we see the lioness kill the baby antelope, but that food will feed her young so that they will survive.  So you see, that’s sad for one, but good for another.  Mother does teach us many things, but some we fail to see.  But maybe, for some, living behind the illusion is a good thing, but you will never have light with out the dark and you will never have dark with out the light.  In the dark, we go in and we heal.  We contemplate, we go over things, we fix, we plant.  The Dark Mother reminds me that some things need to be done in the solace of darkness, and some things should remind hidden.  She challenges us within our self, offering us our shadow as sacrifice.  She reaches in you and pulls out your best aspects, but only if we receive all of her mysteries.  You see, if we look at one and refuse the other, we shall remain lost in the chaos.

Traditions that teach the Feminine Mysteries must remain intact.  Through the misappropriation of information, many have confused much of these learnings and only see what they wish to see.  The true Feminine awakening will not happen until She is seen in all of her aspects.  We must not fear or try to control what we do not understand, but seek diligently to understand.  One of my favorite quotes is by Bruce Lee, “be like water”.  Water is feminine, it flows and adapts, it is unyielding.  Through this unyielding energy we are put in a place of unlimited possibilities.  Why fear that?  Sure, we do need the God energy to direct it, but that is another story, perhaps for a man to write.  Notice the key word direct it, not control or cage it. Here with our Great Mother, we experience the ecstasy of life.  We experience unlimited amounts of possibilities, just waiting to bthe_morrigan_by_libertinemedicloom.

The Women’s mysteries should not be feared, but honored.  She will reveal her secrets to you, show you the things that are hidden, teaching you to trust your intuition, connect all your senses, feel your connection to Mother Earth, teach you to direct your own life, all the while reminding you that there is no end, or beginning really, just a cycle from one plane to another.  Imagine the possibilities if you would just heed with words of the Great Goddess.


Many Blessings,

Stacy Hill

©6/4/2016 New Moon Gemini


~ by SironaRose on June 4, 2016.

4 Responses to “Women’s Mysteries”

  1. Thank you! Thank you for sharing your knowledge of the goddess

  2. Thanks for this. I feel those of us shifting from mother to crone need to know as much as we can and that inner knowing will help us reach upcoming generations, help us all flow with the cycle. It is interesting how many years after menstrual cycles stop in retrospect is does seem so mystical, while at the time not so much. My next novel is going to be about the Maiden-Mother-Crone divine feminine cycle and I’m grateful for your perspective on it and to know I’m not alone. 🙂 It’s also useful to be reminded to loop back in the neither good nor bad but just is shadow side, the balance, because those of us finally nourishing finally established spiritual roots are often loathe to go to that dark side. Even though it’s necessary. When I go with you, I feel the light of knowledge. Acceptance. And no fear. Namaste!

    • Yes Cyndi the Crone aspect is one that has been in almost shame. I have met some truly wise women…ones that just give you chills by their presence. Honoring all cycles of our lives is definitely important. Look forward to reading your book! Many blessings 🙂

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