Gemini New Moon AstroTarot

Happy Gemini New Moon!  We are having a grand trine today with Saturn, Earth, Moon and Venus.  Now Venus is sitting in Gemini with the Sun and Moon, and yes Venus is the plant of love, but she is in the underworld and the moon is in its New phase so this is giving us the energy to love Self.  Many times we find our self trying to help every one and we just simply cant.  Its now time to give yourself some TLC, and just allow things to reveal themselves to you.  Gemini is the twins, and this energy can be about choices. These choices can be about love, as Venus in the underworld is doing some purging, and about your path.  With Jupiter in Scorpio, be careful of going over board and giving away to too much temptation.  Wtih Neptune in Pisces, the illusions will begin to drop so this should help you.  Ride Neptune’s wave, but don’t let yourself get sucked under.  So playing it light this month is key, oh and a good sense of humor.  Neptune is schedule to go retrograde June 13th, so this will give us time to let things digest and sink in from all the work we have been doing since it’s last retrograde (went direct in November 2015).  With the Earth grand trine of Jupiter, Virgo, Pluto and Capricorn, anything you focus on is possible.  This New Moon’s energy is all about planting some new seeds and manifestation.  On with the reading.readingnewmoongemini642016

First we  are coming from the energy of the 3 of SWORDS.  This is always about decisions, and not easy ones.  This could be a decision that truly pierces your heart.  This is choosing one thing important to you, while loosing another.  This could be old attachments you’ve been holding on to.  Old relationships (all kinds), and old ideas.  This card is all about delay, lose and heartbreak.  Being this is the energy we are moving out of, healing is around the corner. Here, you are accepting the hurt, mourning for your lose and it is time to move on.

Next we are going in to the 7 of CUPS.  Wow, to me this is a make your wish card.  This really supports the Earth grand trine happening today.  You have several choices before, but which will you choose?  You must choose the one that is ultimately right for you, your highest good.  You are realizing that you and only you can make those hard decisions and the time is now.  You are coming from the 3 of Swords, you are understanding what you need to release and you are opening yourself up to the un-manifest…that which is yet to be.  Listen to your intuition.

What we are not seeing is 9 of WANDS, action.  We must understand some times it takes hard work and deep courage to do certain things.  Just because some thing presents us with a challenge, doesn’t make it bad.  Sometimes we have to dig down deep for our inner strength to make things happen. The sun is setting on the picture, so this challenge will be short.

Our advice is the QUEEN OF WANDS, and she is all about some action.  It is time you make your thoughts things.  There is no time like the present.  Get up and get going.  Allow yourself to follow your passion, what makes you truly happy.  We have to understand that we are responsible for our choices, we decide who we allow in our lives, it is us that has to tap into that creative energy to manifest the life we want.

All of this leads us to the 4 of SWORDS, rest.  After all the work, it is time for rest.  It is time for us to rejuvenate.  This usually means recovery from an illness, so maybe this is the healing that many have been looking for or can mean a healing will take place in some area of your life.  Neptune due to go retrograde on the 13th will give us time to allow the healing to take place.  Since last November, many have faced the break up of a relationship, change of job, loss of job, having the path switched right under your feet.  You will never be like you were in the past, but you can be better in the present.  Know that this too shall pass, and healing will and can take place.

The underlying energy is the 8 of PENTACLES this is about using your gifts, your talents for profit. This energy is about caring deeply for what you do, it just cant be for the money.  Using your talents to develop something you truly care about.  This card reminds us that through focus and intent, diligently working on your craft will bring success.

Many Blessings,

Stacy Hill

© 6/2/2016

~ by TerraRubrae on June 4, 2016.

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