Venus in the Underworld


When Venus isnt visible to us (hidden behind the Sun), the ancients believed that she was in the underworld.  What exactly does that mean?  I will go into the mythology of Goddess Inanna’s decent into the underworld.

Inanna is a Sumarian Goddess who was the goddess of love and war.  Her sister is Ereshkigal, Queen of the Underworld.  Goddess Inanna was a very powerful Goddess, who roamed the heavens and Earth freely and was gifted with divine laws of the universe.  One day, Inanna heard her sister’s cries from the underworld.  At first it seemed impossible for Inanna to hear her sister’s cries in heaven, but yet she heard her sister wail out in pain after loosing her husband,  the Bull of Heaven.  Inanna could not bare to be away from her sister at this time, so she knew that she had to go to be there for her sister Ereshigal and witness her sister’s husband’s funeral.  Inanna called to her servant Ninshubur (known as Queen of the East), and told her that she had to go and that she would be traveling to Kur.  Ninshubur cried out to Inanna to not go that no one returns from the underworld.  Inanna knew that she had to, hearing her sister in such pain, she had to go, she had to understand her people better by experiencing death.  Inanna instructed her servant “If I do not return in three days, you must go and get help from the gods, they will rescue me”.

Inanna dressed in her royal robes, and placed a blazing gold crown on her head.  She put on her beads of lapis lazuli and wore bracelets and rings.  The breastplate she wore was adorned with jewels and carried a measuring rod and a line of lapis lazuli as well.  Ready to see her sister, she was ready to leave behind all that she knew.   Inanna’s servant was very sad, as she knew that she would never see the beautiful Goddess again.

Inanna arrived at the outer gates of the underworld, Kur.  There stood the gatekeeper Neti whom Inanna petitioned to pass.  “I must consult with Ereshkigal” Neti informed her.  Now, Ereshkigal was very jealous and despised her sister, so with evil intentions, she told Neti to “Open the seven gates, but only the smallest crack.  As my sister enters each gate, take another of her royal garments from her.”  Neti opened the first gate but informed Inanna that if she wanted to pass through, she would have to remove her dazzling crown.  Confused Inanna asked “Why?”.  “Quiet” Neti corrected her, “the ways of Kur are perfect, so you may ask no questions”  Arriving at the second gate, Neti instructs Inanna to removed her beads.  When Inanna asked why, Neti answered “In Kur, our ways are perfect”.  They approached the third gate, again Neti instructed her to remove another piece, her breastplate.  At the fourth gate, he took her bracelets and when they arrived at the fifth gate, Neti took her rings.  Still not understanding why, she gasped as Neti took her measuring rod while she slipped throught the sixth gate and then finally arriving at the seventh gate, the last gate, her beautiful royal robe was stripped away.  Inanna, defenseless, entered Kur and walked into her sister’s throne room.  As she walked in, she was met by all the judges of the underworld, they surrounded her and began to make judgment.  As Inanna looked up at her sister, she was met with the eye of death staring at her.  Ereshkigal said “Sister” and struck Inanna dead saying “this is my world, and she has no right to be here”. With Inanna’s dead, nature died and nothing would grow.

Ninshubur, Inanna’s servant, patiently waited for 3 days and there were no signs of Inanna.  So, Ninshubur ran to Enlil, God of the Air, for help.  Enlil told Ninshubaur “I cannot help for the underworld is not my domain.  Your mistress shouldnt have traveled so far”. Then she ran to Nanna, God of the Moon, but he say the same “I have no rule over the underworld”.  Ninshubur went to Enki, God of Wisdom and Water.  Enki was the one to gifted the universal laws to Inanna and he knew that life on Earth with die with out Inanna.  Enki took the dirt from underneath his finger nails and created two creatures.  Enki instructed the creatures to go to Kur and give these gifts, goblets filled with food and water of life, to Inanna.  The creatures, able to take on any form, turned themselves into flies and slipped through the cracks of each of the seven gates of Kur.  When they arrived at Ereshkigal’s throne room they heard her cry “Oh, my heart and soul” as she wept mourning her husband.  The creatures echoing back Ereshkigal’s words with deep compassion and understanding, was exactly what Ereshkigal craved and wanted most.  Seeing that they felt empathy for her, Ereshkigal offered them any gift they desired.  The creatures said to Ereshkigal “Give us Inanna’s body”.  Holding true to her word, Ereshkigal gave the creatures Inanna’s body and they fed the goddess food and water and Inanna rose again.  Understanding the laws of the universe, before Inanna could return to heaven and Earth, a substitue had to take her place.  Inanna chose her husband, Damuzi,  to rule the underworld with her sister.  Damuzi’s sister Geshtinanna, Goddess of Wine,  mourning and searching for her brother, struck a deal with Ereshkigal to take his place six months out of the year.  In this way, the cycle of life and death could begin again and again.

In the East, during the time of growth which was near the autumn equinox, after the first rain after the long summer fell, the “Holy Marriage” of Inanna and Dumuzi is celebrated by the people.  This is their new Year Festival and it bring the fertility and growth back to the land because Dumuzi has returned from the underworld to make love with the beautiful Goddess Inanna.

So now, that Venus (Inanna) is in the underworld, she passes through the seven gates (chakras).  Going through each gate we cleanse, getting rid of that we no longer need to be reborn into that which truly nurtures and sustains us. So if you’re feeling pressure now, this is why.  Allow this cleansing to help you release your attachments to that which is no longer needed, allowing you to surrender yourself to that which is truly important in your life.

Many Blessings,

Stacy Hill


©June 2, 2016




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