Oracle and Faerie Message

I have had to take some time to deal with some personal things, so sorry I haven’t been regularly posting.  When I was able to settle down…ooo the messengers made their way to me to give out their messages to you all.


Our Oracle message is sweet and to the point Heed the Messenger.  This card is very must self explanatory.  You are asking for signs and messages and you are receiving them, but its up to you to listen/pay attention to them.  Put fear, your pride, procrastination aside, it is time to listen and pay attention to the wisdom you are being offer.  You asked, now all you have to do is allow yourself to receive.

The Fae came back to talk with me as well.  The first card is one we all need, its The Faery Who Was Kissed by the Pixies.  The Faerie shown is Morna and she is the Queen of Love (all kinds of love).  Her message “It takes perfect people to have a perfect love.  But we, imperfect as we all are, may have many loves–each one perfect for who we are and for what we need now.  These loves may not feel perfect, they may not look perfect from the outside, but they fit us now.  If we dont like them, then we need to change ourselves so that a different kind of perfection fits us.”  Ram Dass said “The Karma of relationships is the hardest karma there is” and I feel this to be oh so true.  Morna helps us to love again.  Love openly and freely while staying centered within ourselves.  Life is about relationships, whether they are business or emotional, we must be present in them.  Morna says to open your heart again, love again and heal.  Let the love heal you from the past so you are able to receive love in the future.  It is time.

Next we have The Topsie-Turvets, and they do just as their name suggests.  They are telling us that a new perspective is needed.  It is time to let go of our attachments to how we think they should be and to look at the whole situation again, with new eyes so to speak.  Some times when we are so entwined in a situation we can see the whole picture.  These little Fae are telling us that there is another way to look at things.  They always tell me that in order for you to see things properly, some times, you just need to have them turned upside down.

Our next card we have is Ekstasis, one of my favorite.  Yes this is joy, happiness and ecstasy.  This Faery is energy, and its form is song…the eternal song.  This energy is what powers the cosmos and gives order and harmony.  This song is heard by the Soul. Great joy and happiness are within your reach.  It is time to proceed on that path which sings to your Soul. BE happy 🙂

This reading is really intense and I feel will speak to all of you on many different levels.  There is great emotional healing here in this reading, but we will not receive it if we do not let the Topsie-Turvie Fae do their job and shake things up a bit for us.  We have these ideas, and certain ways we think things should go and that is great but if we allow ourselves to attach to these possible outcomes we limit ourselves from great potentials.  Let go of the should’ves, would’ves and could’ves and BE present in what is.  Dont get lost in your illusions.  See the gifts that are put before you, you did in fact (in some form or another) ask for them.

New Moon is coming up this weekend….and OOO there is a lot going on in the heavens!

Many Blessings,

Stacy Hill

~ by SironaRose on June 2, 2016.

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