Sagittarius Full Moon

Happy Sag Full Moon, a Blue Moon at that. Yes, there have been some planets in retro and yes that is why you have been having hang ups and yes some of them will turn direct and NO sorry you are going to have to deal with all energy they leave behind. This year, I know many feel they are truly taking the Fool’s journey. Now for our retrogrades. Jupiter went direct on May 9, 2016 and Mercury goes direct on May 22, 2016. Saturn and Pluto are still retrograde. The Sun is in Gemini at this time. What I want to talk about quickly is the Moon, Mars and Sun, Moon opposition. As we know the full moon shines light on that which is hidden, or in the shadow. So, in this opposition will really shine light on relationships that are not in balance. This energy will bring tension in all relationships (Venus opposite Mars). Be prepared to have some mirroring effects happening within your relationships. Mirroring basically is what is going on with in you, will be spotlighted with those you are in relationships with. So, for those that just thought they could skimp by and not deal with their baggage, be prepared to see your baggage being played out by partners/those you are in relationship with. The good thing is, Mars is still retrograde which is encouraging you to think twice before you leap…or say or do something you will not be able to take back. This is come intense energy, so grounding is a must. On with the reading, which I feel really goes along well with the astrology.


First I want to talk about the card at the top of the other cards. It is the 4 OF CUPS and this card always tells me there is something being offered to you that you are not seeing. The energy of this card says to me “Hey you are so busy focusing on what you think is important and the right thing to do, that you do not even notice that something else…some thing better for you is there just waiting for you to notice it” but what? Many say this card can represent boredom, as in feeling stuck or stagnant. But to me, that can be in the same field to me. Focusing on something that isn’t necessarily in your highest good can lead to boredom, such as working a job that doesnt truly fit who you are. Its those jobs we do automatically, those that do not challenge us or feed our soul. Since this is the underlying energy of the reading, make sure you are listening to your intuition, and for those that are dreamers, make sure you are paying attention and writing your dreams now. Messages and “help” will come to you, and it may be from an unexpected source.

The energy we are in is the 6 OF CUPS. Cups are about dreams, emotions and intuition. The energy of this card is nostalgia, a remembrance of something good from the past. I feel for most, this is saying that we have really been feeling the retrogrades, and doing a bit of assessment on our lives. We are remembering times when we were happy, had that child-like wonder of believing in faeries and magic. This card tells us to bring back our child wonder, bring back the happiness that we felt deep inside. We are here and we are looking for, or in the act of remembering that and wanting to bring it back. This card represents reunions with those from our past, but here I am not feeling that so much. I really feeling we are remembering what brings us happiness, feeds our soul and lets us set our lives on fire. That can go hand in hand with this Sagittarius full moon.

What we are not seeing is the KNIGHT OF PENTACLES. The key words for this card, for me, is new ways to make money coming your way. The stag with his big broad antlers in the background on this card just speaks of fertility. This card represents the element earth. Another energy of this card is challenges and it is just very interesting this card landed in this position. Here we are not seeing the bigger picture of these challenges we are having. Every time you have a “problem”, see this as a challenge to over come. This is down to earth energy, so this will not be dramatic, but one you need to slow down, access all your avenues, then act. Tying this card into the underlying energy, maybe you are just not clearly seeing that this situation is a stepping stone that is leading you to something greater. Also, for some of you, these challenges could be testing your beliefs and even your honor. So, let this challenge be a stepping stone to greater possibilities, be grounded in your decisions and by all means honor your soul. Patience and persistence.

Our advice is the HIGH PRIEST which is a major arcana and their energy is unwavering. Arcana basically means mystery. The phrase I always hear with this card is “A balance between worlds”. This card is traditionally the hierophant. He is a wise man, a keeper of knowledge. I am feeling here the advise is to further your knowledge of your path. If you already have a career that you are happy with, it is time to further your knowledge of that. Maybe pick up some college classes, or anything training programs they offer. This is a time of finding your truth. To thine own self be true. In this card you see skeleton keys, these keys are used to unlock the mystery within yourself. Pairing this with the 4 of Cups, here we are being advise to settle any disagreements, and look deep within yourself to see just exactly what you want. And if you do know what you want, it’s time to apply yourself, do what ever class or studying that needs to be done and focus on it.

Our outcome is quiet interesting as well, as it is the 3 OF PENTACLES. Remember pentacles represent earth, the material. So, why is this interesting in the reading? Well this is an apprentice card. This can mean that some will be learning new trades, or living new lives. Threes are about manifestation and here this apprentice is focused and knows that his goal will be reached through his hard work. This can also mean spiritual study as well. So maybe you will start your journey down a new spiritual path. This will bring you success, what you are focusing on will bring you success. You will become the master of your craft. Know thy Self, know thy practice!

Full Moon Blessings
Stacy Hill

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Stacy Hill
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