Taurus New Moon AstroTarot Reading

Happy Taurus New Moon.  What a great energy this is!  The Sun and Moon are in Taurus.  At this time, the Earth, Moon and Sun are in alignment.  Now Taurus energy is good energy, as this is the perfect energy for building.  This alignment makes it a great time to Plant Your Seeds!!  Pluto has really made himself known this year and he’s at it again.  Pluto (power and transformation) and Jupiter (expansion) are forming a trine, along side the Sun Moon and Earth…forming a Grand Trine.  Now is the time to decide what do you truly want? Simple question, right??  No  I have asked several clients what they want and they can not fully answer me.  During this retrograde cycle, yes all 5 planets are still in retro, it is time to go inward and truly dig down deep and decide that which you truly want.  Your mind, body and soul have to align here. Are you actions mirroring your words.  You are here to grow, and if you’re not growing, why?  What areas do you want to expand in your life?  Love? Work?  What do you consider abundance?  You have to consciously decide what you want.  It is time to plant those seeds.  These retrogrades are causing a slowing that is very much needed.  Maybe you are living under conditions, or beliefs that you do not fit into.  As we are finding out, many things that we were taught to believe are false.  Also, a big one here is to remember, that not every one is on the same path and to not assume that every one has your view about situations.  What do you believe?  You see Taurus is great energy, but like all signs, it does have a shadow side.  When Taurus is operating in that negative energy it promotes greed, hoarding and the feeling of you dont need anyone.  But you see Taurus is our builder. With the Jupiter trine, it makes fertile energy.  Plant seeds, decide what you want to create. Taurus also tells us to take care of our bodies, eat healthy, rest well and listen to what your body is needing at this time.  The reading, goes hand in hand with this as it is dealing we with Self as well.  Even thought we have these retrogrades, this can be some really good energy.  The energy of Spring is magic!


The energy we are in is THE SHADOW SIDE.  This is about facing our fear.  Letting go of that energy holding you down.  This can be thought, patterns and beliefs.  Your beliefs can limit you.  What changes do you need to make in you?  It is time to be honest with your self.  Here, we are learning not to let other people or things control us, as we are taking responsibility for our self and making decisions that are in our highest good.  What we are not seeing is the energy of  THE WORLD.  This is the end of travels for the Fool.  The Green Man is about rebirth and symbolized completion.  Here, the energy is about new beginnings.  The end of cycles.  This can be in relationships of all kinds.  Some may have karmic relationships reaching new levels.  Relationships being mended or you may decide to part ways. This is a spiritual card as well.  This energy is about learning from your past, gained knowledge and even strength.  Our challenge is the 7 of WANDS.  We’ve been seeing these obstacles as challenges, instead of gifts.  We are being challenged in ways we wouldn’t have thought.  Here, you have to put your skills to work for you.  You are using your gifts to get past these challenges and this card suggests that you will come out on top. This is in our challenge because at times we see these obstacles as bad things. This energy is in line with the retrograde planets, a slowing down.  Just know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  our advice is THE LOVERS.  This card speaks on perfect relationships.  A balance of masculine and feminine energy.  This card is also about decisions/choices.  Here you are being advised to proceed on the path that brings you complete harmony.  See the bigger picture.  Go after what feeds your soul.  The angel symbolizes destiny in this deck.  The angel advises us to be very conscious of what we choose.  What you are doing today, creates your tomorrow.  At the end of this path is the QUEEN OF WANDS.  Wands symbolize fire/action.  This Queen is all about energy and power.  Her sunflower throne symbolizes success and fame.  She is successful in that which applies herself to.  She tells us to live a life of passion and to go after that which we desire.

The wild card (under lying energy) is the FOOL.  The Fool is about letting our ideas guide us, taking a chance on some one or some thing.  It is time to take a step, a leap of faith.  I find this placement quite interesting considering The World’s placement in the reading. The placement of this card also speaks of you beginning some thing new.  This energy taps into the vibration of cycles as well.

Many Blessings,

Stacy Hill

© 5/6/2016

~ by SironaRose on May 6, 2016.

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