Messages from the FAE


The Fae have began chattering to me and are wanting to me acknowledge their wisdom and to share their messages.  So, I have began drawing 3 cards a week and letting folks pick which card speaks to them.  Of course I had to share it here.  Enjoy

If you picked card 1:  The Bodacious Bodach is the “fixer”. The Bodach mean Old Man in Scots Gaelic. He is that meddlesome energy that means well, but actually causes a bit more trouble that its worth. The only way to appease this Fae is to keep things straightened up and your business handled. Some where there is an issue, a situation, some thing that needs tidying up, organized or just handled. When we leave loose ends, they are vulnerable to other influences. It is time to get your ducks in a row, do that organizing that needs to be done and tie up loose ends. The Bodach is one of the helpful Brownie Fae, he means well but at times can even sabotage you. Do you have some one in your life like that now? The Bodach brings your attention to that which needs taken care of and is here to tell you to get it done now. Tie those loose ends, get rid of meddlesome/gossipy people and organize your business before someone or something comes along and tries to “help” you out……causing the outcome you may not have wanted. Get your things in order!

Card 2:  Here we have one of the Singer Fae. The Singer of Transfiguration. This Singer is about transformation Baby! This is the energy of initiation, reaching a level of being within ourselves. This is power, joy, vibrancy like the reborn phoenix. You have reach a new awareness. This message is saying that you may have been through a lot, but dont worry it is worth it. You’re becoming more comfortable inside yourself, inner peace is growing, more of an understanding, you are seeing things from a new perspective. Your sacrifices were not made in vain, you will be rewarded. The things about passing through a gate, is that there is another gate that will be presented to you. So take a moment and rejoice in the light of this Singer and then make preparations for your next step upon your path!

Card 3:  Ah this is The Bright Mother! She reminds us that life is a complete miracle. She is the Earth Mother and is pregnant with the growing future. She is the guardian of the family as she creates a nurturing environment for us. She brings the energy of creativity, fertility and nurturing. The Bright Mother urges us to fully live life, see the beauty in all things and remember gratitude. This is a time to nurture that which we are wanting to bring into the world. This is a very fertile time in all areas of your life. If you want change, ask what exactly are you wanting to change and then focus upon that and proceed to what you need to do to get it done. The energy is there for you. For those artists our there, this is a very creative time, nurture those ideas and bring them into fruition. This is the joy, love and peace in your heart. This is the time to nurture, show compassion, love and enjoy. She may be telling you it is time for you to be there for some one, even yourself. She is the mystery of life. Feeling her energy, allowing her to speak to you, she will teach you her secrets and show you the magic that life has to offer.


Card on very top (underlying energy of the reading):   The card on top is one that flew out after the cards were picked. She did not want to be left out, as She has an important message as well. The Dark Lady is the High Priestess (HPS) of the Mysteries. She is about the unconscious power, mysteries, wisdom, secrets and rituals. She is thoughts not yet realized. She is the seed just below the soil getting ready to sprout out. Her energy urges us that we have some things that are in the mist of being born. As she represents rituals, She urges us to take some sacred time and connect to the Divine, tapping into that conscious energy so that we may connect to the magic….our creations that are just below the surface. The feeling here is that there are things just below the surface that are about to bloom as well as there are somethings/talents/ideas/gifts that are not fully realized at this moment. But with the presence of the other cards, this is saying its about to so you better prepare yourself. This is an awesome reading for this time of year, especially with the New Moon tomorrow. In this reading I feel butterflies in my tummy, the energy of that which is awaiting to be born, given life to. The possibilities of possibilities. This is great energy to work with. Focus…see it…what do you need to do to make it happen? Some times the path you start out on isn’t the path you finish on, appreciate the stepping stones along the way…be gracious for them for they helped you get here! Have an awesomely magical day! FEEL this energy…its beautiful!

Many Blessings,

Stacy Hill

© 5/5/2016


~ by SironaRose on May 5, 2016.

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