Faerie Message For You

On my Facebook page, I posted a FREE reading from the Faeries.

Would you like a message from the Fae?? Pick card 1, 2 or 3 ( left to right) and I will write the message tomorrow in the comments! Take a deep breath, clear your mind, center now pick!


Card 1)  A Collective of Pixies, this card is about duty, willingness, joyful participation and virtue.  You know you have a job to do, and you do what is necessary to get that job done. You are also aware of your duty and happily do it.  You take great joy in your work, but remember the word Collective as you might need help on achieving some of your goals or with your work.  This is a good energy for working with others on your path, family and friends.  Remember to approach your work lighthearted to achieve that which you want.

Card 2)  The Singer of the Chalice, joy, trust, patience, creativity, hope and miracles are what the message this Fae brings to us.  Some times things take a moment to manifest, we must have trust and patience to see this through.  This energy is rainbow blissful feelings, the mystical experience of ecstasy.  There are messages and signs all around you, just be open to receive them.  This is an opening to the spiritual realm, you are connecting to the divine.  If we are feeling blocked, all we need to do is ask.  Asking consciously opens us up to receive that ecstatic energy from the divine. Open your arms, and begin to receive.

Card 3)  The Maiden, this is auspicious beginnings energy, birth, growth, joy and hope. From her sparkling toes to her crown of light, she is pure joy.  This is an auspicious time for growth and new beginnings.  Tap into the inner child energy to create more spontaneity and creativity in your life.  But also remember to not let the Maiden get you lost in Faerie Land.  Pay attention to the growth you in your life, your inner self and bless all that growth going on around you. Trust in the process of life, the unfolding, and remember the details.

Have a terrific day! May the Fae bring you much healing and love!

Many Blessings,

Stacy Hill

© 4/28/2016


~ by TerraRubrae on April 28, 2016.

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