Scorpio Full Moon AstroTarot

Happy Scorpio Full Moon and happy birthday to all of you Taurus’ out there! At 1:24am ET, the Moon will go full in the sign of Scorpio as the sun is making it’s way into the grounding Taurus.  April’s full moon is also called the Pink Moon.  When the Moon is full, she brings things to light.  We can have some things that have been kept from us, now making themselves visible.  Scorpio does hit on our imagination, but be careful here, because Neptune is in Pisces right now, so we may mistake our imagination for reality.  This can also be our sexuality as well, and with Venus in Aries, (acting negatively) we need to be careful not to abuse our power.  The Sun in Taurus (what you love) is opposing the Moon in Scorpio (your desires), I can see many coming in alignment with their desires and what they love.  We have an interesting planetary line up, I know many of you are feeling some of this crazy, intense energy. Venus  and Uranus are in Aries, as well as Ares (powerful feminine energy here).  On Friday, Venus will conjunct Uranus at the same time Mar’s retrograde in Sagittarius ending in Scorpio.  This is a very powerful influence as we may be experiencing some sort of transformation and may make many feel vulnerable.  But this full moon is definitely about owning our own power.  This is such a great time for transformation, allowing change to help us heal and grow.  I know some are in places of ‘what to do’, take these challenges as a time of truly allowing you to face those fears and doing it…get past yourself to all life has to offer, dont close yourself off.  The first card of the reading (situation) is a clear sign of as above so below.


In our situation is KARMA, and is associated with Pluto (Scorpio’s planet/transformation) and reminds us that all things in life are cycles/seasons.  The Karma card tells us that we must work to have the happy ending that we want (what we put our, comes back).  Many of us are going through some challenges and it is only us that can take back our power, and make the changes (deeper inner work) that we need to make.  You can create that which you want, but you will have to do your own work, make conscious decisions to get the outcome that you want.  Our challenge is TEMPERANCE, which reminds us the value of moderation or restraint (Mar’s retro).  We are not fully allowing our self to work in the flow.  We tend to want things the way we want them and get tunnel vision, this is good to a point, but it limits us to other possibilities.  You need to take some time and gather your balance back.  Just like Karma reminds us of cycles, Temperance tells us that we must allow the natural unfolding of things to proceed.  We can rush and we cant obsess, we must balance and allow this healing (spiritual or physical) to happen.  Our advice is PAGE OF CUPS, which reminds us to live our lives (sun in Taurus/moon in Scorpio).  The wave in the card tells us to not worry about the challenges, it is all a part of our learning, our growth.  Cups are about emotions, intuition, dreams. use your intuition and pay attention to your dreams messages are coming to you all the time.  This is a time of spiritual study as well, connecting to our spirituality can help us finding our Self…our POWER.  Work on our craft, what ever that may be.  The outcome is the 10 of PENTACLES, achievement. When we accept the cycles of life, learning to be responsible for Self, it is important to keep your balance. Make sure you are not attached to a certain outcome, but are open to the flow and allow the truly alchemical process to bloom before our eyes. Then we have hope, we accept love and happiness into our lives, and we will achieve that which truly makes our heart happy and feeds our soul.   The underlying energy of the reading is the KING OF CUPS, reminding us to keep in touch with our emotions, listen to our intuition and knowing that true wisdom comes from looking deep within the Self. laistefae Our Faerie influence is LAISTE, MOON’S DAUGHTER,  she is about illumination and spiritual guidance.  She brings light to the darkness, which is in harmony with the Scorpio Full Moon.  Dont be surprised if you have to deal with your shadow side (or others)  a bit, it is a time of illumination, reach for your higher self.

Tarotreadings6ofArrows Our Love influence is the SIX OF ARROWS, which is about movement and transition.  It is time to move past that which brings us down or limits us. Here if you are in a relationship, there may be things you have to  let go of in order to heal, it is a time of leaving the difficulties behind for a better place. If you are single, given this full reading, you must go inside to heal, leaving behind the baggage of the old to make room for the new.  Understand that you can choose, either way you choose know that you will have to live with the consequences.

I hope you enjoyed this reading.  Understand the ebbs and flow of life, we always have a choice to how we handle things.  Being mindful and balancing yourself helps. What do you want?  What do you desire? What do you love?  And are you ready to accept that in?

I just wanted to add:  emphasis on relationships and how are in them and the 2nd Chakra, Swadisthana, and this is where our sexuality is.  Scorpio is about shadows, so operating in the shadow this can bring about manipulation and control over others to gain security.

Many blessings

Stacy Hill




~ by SironaRose on April 21, 2016.

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