Aries Super New Moon

Happy Aries Super New Moon!!  I know Aries is the astrological new year, but to me it is the new moon that truly starts it.  We have some intensity this month.  Our North Node and Jupiter (planet of expansion) are in Virgo, which will aid in the healing and strengthening of Self.  But first, let us talk about Aries!  Aries’ tend to get a bad rap.  Yes Aries represents anger, war but it also represents instinct, power and the warrior as well as determination.  These are all qualities that we must have. Uranus (the Great Awakener) has been in Aries since 2011 and has been squaring Pluto since 2012 (moving away now).  Here there is a dredging up of sorts, showing us the parts that must be changed, facing our Self in the mirror.  Many Astrologers agree that we have been in cycles within cycles.  Think of this as dredging a river bed….yep!  Bringing up all that gunk that is hindering the flow, clearing it out so it can flow better.  This year has been called the “Year of Purification” and is seen as Kali destroying all of the old, bringing up all that which we must change in order to evolve. Many will argue that we must concentrate on the upper Chakras, connecting us to the Great Mother more, but I disagree.  If we do not have strong roots, we can not grow.  The coiled serpent, the Kundalini, rest at the base of the spine (root chakra area).  This is healing power, transformation and reformation.  As we are fully coming into the Age of Aquarius, we are truly noticing the harm of the patriarchal rule, the guilt and shame of it, the separation of Spirit and matter.  This dredging up, is aiding us in breaking out of the old, purging all that does not harmonize with Mother.  Remembering our roots is key here.  This is a time to clear out our Chakras and get active. Now on with the reading.


We start out with the 4 of PENTACLES.  This is the energy we are coming out of.  The picture on this card says it all, reminds me of ego in fear.  See the man clinging to his possessions?  Are you focusing on that which you do not know?  What needs to change for you?  What is blocking your creativity, your progress.  This corresponds clearly with our astrology.  Here we are resisting change.  It’s time to relax a bit, and allow evolution of Self happen.  Holding so tightly to the things which hold us back can cause much harm in our lives.  This leads to stagnation, which is the opposite of growth.  Maybe you felt as though you had to set strict boundaries, hold on to something so it will be “taken care of”, but no that change happens with or with our your blessings.  You can either relax and go with the flow or it can drag you along, which causes you harm.  Embrace the changes in your life, as it gives you the power to manifest the path you want to be on.   Next, we have the KNIGHT OF SWORDS, this is the energy we are going into.  He is brave and all about valor, swords represent AIR, so moving forward is what this card is about.  Here, he encourages us to show no fear, as this is a time of action.  It is time to go forward with great passion as there are swift changes and transformation coming.  Expect new ideas, new adventures, messages and change.  Stand up for yourself and your beliefs, your dreams and that which you want to manifest. The picture tells us to hang on and enjoy the ride. What we do know is the 8 OF CUPS, element water and is associated with our emotions.  Here shows us of something that we are connected to emotionally, something that we may have worked hard for, but now we are feeling the need to walk away from it.  We are at a pivotal point, just as she, we are in between spaces.   The dolphin is very significant in this card, as they were perceived as messengers by the ancient Greeks. Notice the 8 stars before her and the 8 cups behind her.  It is a time to move on. This may be a new home, job or some kind of emotional shift.  This card is telling us that it is time to move forward, leaving the past and all the baggage behind you.  It is time and this may mean you need to set healthy boundaries in your personal life as well.  What is in our subconscious (that which is not visible) is the ACE OF WANDS, (Aries) fire, action and growth.  Aces are the most potent and pure of the cards and represents natural raw energy.  When we leave behind things that are no longer needed, we create an empty space for great manifestation!  The butterfly symbolizes the great transformation that can occur when we tap into this pure creative energy.  This energy will aid you in turning your ideas into reality as this card will help reveal your path.  This is a great card if you are considering a new job, or anything that is a new beginning.  There is great potential here, you just have to actively pursue it.   Our advice is STRENGTH.  This card really resonates with the Aries New Moon.  “Reclaiming our power”.  Dont let others have power over YOU.   Just as our root chakra is about trusting our instincts, grounding in Mother and deepening our roots, the Strength card reminds us that we have the inner strength to go with these changes. Practice self control and determination. And just look at that figure 8 above her head, the infinity sign!  Get in touch with your inner warrior, get in touch with Self.  Be as strong as the rock, powerful as the lion but as gentle and loving as the Mother. Our outcome is the HERMIT, which is the next card after strength.  Important note here is that this card is associated with Virgo which is the sign Jupiter is in right now as well as the North Node…healing and strengthening self!  This card represents a time of meditation and reflection as well as intuition.  Trust in your intuition and let it guide you.  We must understand that if we want better, we must do better.  Take on your own personal power, this is the only way you will be able to manifest that which you want.  This is inner work.  Through transformation we evolve, through clearing out all that is not needed, allows for that which can help us, through listening to our intuition and shining our own light we will discover our path.  The card on the bottom of the deck is 8 OF WANDS.  The under current energy is ACTION!  Yes this is a very intense time.

Pluto (death and rebirth) in Capricorn is challenging the Sun and Moon in Aries, so new beginning are at hand.  Pluto can show us our fears.  With this influence, we should be bold, but make sure things are aligned first.  There are no quick solutions, so short cuts. You and only you can do your work.  it is time for us to experience our own power, our own creativeness.  Be careful not misuse your power though and dont press your views on others.  You create your future by the choice you make today.  These come from your BELIEFS, THOUGHTS AND ACTIONS.  If you do not do your work, you will keep experiencing it until you are ready to move on!  Clear your Chakras and love YOU.  Remember, in order to grow, you must have strong roots.  As Above, So Below; As within, So Without!

Get out and enjoy LIFE!

Many Blessings,

Stacy Hill


~ by SironaRose on April 7, 2016.

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