Libra Full Moon, AstroTarot

Happy Libra Full Moon, it is commonly called the “Worm Moon” because of the Earth’s soil warming driving the worms up.  It has been called the Windy Moon, Chaste Moon as well as the Big Famine Moon. The full moon will be at 8:01am EST this morning with the Penumbral Lunar Eclipse beginning 7:48am EST.  Even though the moon may appear more faint, the energy will still be quiet strong.   We just had Ostara, which is the spring equinox and is a power point as well as going into the sun sign Aries.  Aries marks the beginning of the year in Western Astrology, so Happy Astrological New Year!!  This is a powerful time for change, as we are having the equinox as well as an eclipse.  This beautiful moon is in the sign of Libra which is about balance and relationships and Aries is about the individual.  Libra energy can mean balance in relationships and with the full moon energy, shining light on what needs to be balanced (wounds) in the relationships.  Libra and Aries are opposites.  While Libra is about relationships and working it out with others and Aries is about going solo, taking steps into the unknown alone, remember Aries is the pioneer. Libra’s planet is Venus which is the planet of love, beauty and abundance and it in Pisces.  Even though we just came into Aries, we do have still have Pisces energy with us as Neptune, the South node, Sirius and Chiron joins Venus in Pisces as well. With the Sun Moon combination, we are guided to stay in our heart as well as listening to our head.  With Aries in Mercury and Moon in Libra, the heart and head connection is very important.  Balance our mind and feelings, being whole/balanced. It is time to leave behind the limitations that are keeping you from having this alignment.  Are you getting what you want from life?  Relationships? What do you truly want?  If not, it is time to use your heart, mind and intuition to get what you want. Get clear about where you want to go and then GO!  If you do this, this time will reveal a lot to you, but you have to be willing to do the work.  Remember be in relationship with life….with you!  What goes on on the outside is a clear reflection of what is going on on the inside. Aries is all about empowering the individual and Libra is about relationships. Relationships mean all not just romantic and can even mean relationship to self.  Libra is being a mirror right now, pay attention and truly look around you as this will help you on the inside. A good friend told me once that people should be accessories, not necessities and not co-depend.    Now this leads me into the first card of the reading.


First I want to cover the under lying energy of the deck (first card at top), which is the 4 of WANDS.  This is about rejoicing and celebrating, normally with others.  Its about creativity and fertility.  So, yes I am seeing that Aries and Libra energy together here.   So this is a good energy saying we are ready to bring new energy about, one that will be of benefit for all, one that allows us to celebrate and be harmoniously happy.  Where we are now is the 7 of CUPS, making our minds up.  You are the magician of your life, it is time to reach out and grab what you want.  There are many choices in front of you.  Figure out what you want, then go for it.  The energy is there, so seize the moment.  Next, the energy we are going in to is the 6 of CUPS. Another CUPS card.  Cups represent the element Water and its energy such as love, emotions and psychic/intuitive abilities.  The 6 of Cups always brings the energy of nostalgia.  This could mean that some one from your past could show up as well.  Here will the first card, this is saying that making that choice (listening to your intuition and aligning your heart and mind) will bring back our childlike wonder.  As children, we had imagination, we were highly creative and we were ready for the adventure.  When we make decisions that are in total alignment with who we are, we can truly find happiness.  It is almost as if burdens are lifted off of us, and we are able to breath new, fresh air, giving us much energy to push forward.  And you better be ready, the next card is 8 of WANDS which is all about some action…quick action.  Travel may be in the forecast for some, and long distant communications are heighten here.  Here things quickly come to completion.  With this reading, what you choose will come quickly so please make sure to be very specific on what it is you truly want.  Remember I stated above, that with the equinox, full moon with eclipse the energy is powerful and it is all about change.  The last card, which is the over all outcome, is the 3 of CUPS (another Cups! feeling Venus energy here).  Three’s are about manifestation and is a highly magical number (triple Goddess; Maiden, Mother and Crone).  Things will be manifesting, expect growth and success as things are coming to fruition.  Now, this is a general reading so when I tell you to be very careful about what you are putting your energy on, I truly mean it.  Energy, it’s self, does not know good from bad, as that is the individual who defines what is good or bad for them.  BE SPECIFIC IN WHAT YOU WANT TO MANIFEST!!!  We like to think that when it is said things will manifest, it will automatically be “good”.  Well, good for me, may not be good for you so please remember to be conscious in your thoughts and listen to your heart as well.  Remember to listen to you intuition, listen to your heart and think it through with your head…mind, body and soul connection!

Have an awesome Libra Full Moon!  This energy is intense, it is packed full of juicy energy just waiting for you to direct it where you want it to go!

Many Blessings,

Stacy Hill


~ by SironaRose on March 23, 2016.

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