Pisces Super New Moon AstroTarot

Pisces New Moon is a super moon.  For this one I will not be getting into the astrology, I am focusing on the reading.  We will be having a solar eclipse in Pisces March 8 and 9th and it is the only total eclipse this year.  I know I am speaking for many, but this energy is intense lately.  This Pisces energy, although I love it, there are a lot of illusions we are having to, at times, rip through.  Solar eclipse are very powerful.  They represent major beginnings and endings and can last 6 months to 2 yrs.  For example, those issues you had on the last solar eclipses last year can possible be revisited during this eclipse.  This is a good time for clearing and cleansing.  What ever needs to leave your life right now, it is the time to release.  It can be thoughts, beliefs, relationships (with others, including SELF), job and can even go into our spiritual beliefs.  It’s time to step up our game.  It is time to become more consciously aware, thsu allowing us to have a better perspective.  Chiron is playing a big role as well, this can be a deeply healing time as we also have a lot of planets in Pisces.  Allow Chiron to help you release all these karmic ties.  An important question for you is “where do I feel pain?”  And for many, we are doing everything we can to stay above water.  It is definitely time to step up spiritually speaking, leaving behind all those negative, heavy energies.  Just keep in mind here, that these water signs like to open doors to past lives.  These struggles you are having have karmic ties and you need to work through them so you can get past them allowing you to move forward.



As we are moving forward with this new moon we are presented with the card STRENGTH.  Here we are reminded that the power comes from within us.  We are encouraged to believe in ourselves and having the willpower to know that we will be able to move past any obstacles that many comes in a way Strength is the magic of change.

The next card we have is the 2 of WANDS.. Here, we are looking out at our hopes and our dreams.  Maybe we are feeling like things aren’t finished yet, maybe something is missing. Everything may seem successful, everything appears good but somehow we are feeling that something is missing. The 2 of Wands does indicate a good business partnership. I can see where it takes great strenght to bring about a new partnership that will ultimately bring harmonic balance (Temperance) to your life.  But here I feel more, as Strength being our first card, that this is talking about doing that which we need to do to finish our complete goal. As he is looking out over the water and he sees the two ships  He is seeing something might be undone. So here, we are searching for this, here we are acknowledging that.

Our next card is TEMPERANCE, this is perfect alchemy.  One of the main things that I want you to consider about the Temperance is that it means to temper as well as balance.  This is about moderation this is about restoring balance. This is about living from your authentic self!  In this card, you will see the rainbow goddess iris. Important note here, the Goddess Iris is known as being a messenger of the gods, So you might want to be on the lookout for a divine message coming to you.  It could be anything between someone saying something to you, a symbol that you notice, a book you decide to pick up and open, a thought that feels like a whisper,  anything like that pay attention for that.  Be at harmony within yourself.  

Our obstacles, or what is crossing us is the card 9 of Swords. The 9 of SWORDS basically tells us that it’s time to pick up our sword and get out of this negative energy the stagnant energy that we are in and proceed on. It’s time to stand up and defend yourself, take control of your own power.  

The undertone energy of this reading is the 5 of SWORDS.. Here, we need to heed the message of the Dragonfly and see through the veils of illusion. Stop the inner struggle, stop the monkey mind and stop the useless mind chatter. Stop being your own worst enemy and become your ally…… see past the illusions that are put before you.

This reading is showing me about inner struggles that are going on.  There’s a lot of illusions that are being put before us. This Piscean energy that we are in, presences us with many illusions, ones that we have to differentiate between.  So, we must take the sword in our hand, stand up for ourselves, dig down deep and find the willpower, learn to trust in ourselves again so we can fulfill these other goals that we want to manifest. We may feel like we should be doing something else,  maybe there something NEW you would like to try, maybe you want to create something.  No matter what it is exactly, you are seeing the possibilities of what could be, of what you would like to manifest.  The only way you can achieve this is by you picking up that sword and cut yourself free from all the things that are holding you back.  Temperance, in the Outcome, tells us that by taking these steps, we will achieve that transformation/change we are wishing to manifest.   What is getting in your way?  What is causing you pain?  It is high time that you release these things and allow the full healing of harmonic balance to come into your life.  The Universe is speaking loud to us…listen.  Be right with your Soul!

Many Blessings,

Stacy Hill

~ by TerraRubrae on March 9, 2016.

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