Virgo Full Moon February 22, 2016

Virgo Full Moon
February 22, 2016

We have just entered the dreamy Sun sign Pisces and are now in full swing of the Yang Fire Monkey year. Those that are feeling the “shaking up” of things, are dead on. Monkey is equivalent to Leo in Western Astrology, so yes expect some playfulness as well as unpredictability. But please keep in mind that the Fire Monkey is known to be a mischievous trickster. The Spirit of Fire is transformational! This can be spontaneous, expansive, love, creative as well as highly destructive.


We start out with the HERMIT card. This card is about reflection, learning to shine your own light, time alone to find answers. This card is right on track with Mars as it entered into its shadow period in Scorpio on the 18th. Mars will then retrograde (in Sagittarius) the end of April and then go back into Scorpio in May and will not make it back to Sag until August. This indicates to me some karma will need to be worked out. This can be an intense period. We are finding our answers, finding our inner strength, doing our healing and are finding that which feeds our soul or getting our self on the path that brings us happiness. So many have taken the dark time of the year to go within, and as we are making our way to the Spring, we are gaining some enlightenment. And us just entering into dreamy Pisces, we are the only ones that can figure it out for our self. For those that are still feeling stuck or not sure which way to go, there are still some parts that you still need to work on. This time in needed solitude takes us to our next card. Here we are traveling away from the turbulent waters, and heading into the calm waters with the 6 of SWORDS. This card can literally mean traveling over water. I am feeling mostly this is about us going to calmer energies. We know that if we want true change, we have to allow it. The best part is with this card here, you are knowing that it is time to move on. We arrive with the KNIGHT OF WANDS, action, action, action! This knight is about adventure and making bold moves. This card, along with the 6 of Swords, can actually mean a new job or even a new house. He is our action, reminding us that if we want something, we have to go after it. This Knight of Wands represents the fire element. Fire is transforming, it is passion, it is expansive, this is definitely a good card representing the Fire Monkey. Know, that in order to expand, you must deal with those things that are in our shadow that holds us back (the Hermit card). Embrace change and enjoy the journey! Our outcome card is the 9 of CUPS which is our “wish” card. This card is definitely saying that you make your own path, whether good or bad, so make that wish come true. For me, this reading is saying that if we are following this path, it will bring us to our ultimate wish. To get there may seem overwhelming, but deal with what all comes at you. I feel many of you may come to a turning point in your lives. You are having to dig deep with in yourself to find the key to YOU! The only way you are going to go in the path you want is for you to do what you need to do. This card is about social gatherings as well, so can mean that you will be entertaining those of like mind, or be at gatherings of your interests. You can not live your life and do that which you wish to do if you just sit in your house alone. It takes action. The energy supporting this reading is the PAGE OF PENTACLES that is telling us that if we work hard (focused) we will achieve our goals. The Page also advises us that spending time in nature can really do us good….mind, body and soul.
Be advised that we are starting another eclipse cycle that we are fixing to go into. March 8th in Pisces, which will be a solar eclipse, will start us off.
This is some great energy going on. IF you are having issues, please try and see the bigger picture here and I hope this reading helps find it. IF you would like a more personal reading, you can contact me here.
I do video readings  google hangout (video), email or phone readings.

Many Blessings,

Stacy Hill

February 22, 2016©

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