AstroTarot, February Aquarius New Moon Report

Happy New Moon! Remember new moon’s are about growth, new beginnings, its about planting those seeds you want to see bloom (the moon is growing).  This new moon is in Aquarius, the water bearer, and it comes to us close to Imbolc which is great energy. Imbolc, I wrote a little about it in a previous post, is about Mother waking up, NOT being reborn, but stirring and coming to live.  So, this is an auspicious time for creating new, at times bringing forth things from our past that we need here in the present and the future.  This is also a good time to put yourself out there, with business and your social life.  I feel that many have really seen what needs to change and have done what they need to about it (if they really want change).  Aquarius teaches us to detach or attach when necessary.  Those that have done their inside work is now ready for push forward with a brand new attitude, one that serves the mind, body and soul (alignment) rather than the ego. The new moon is squaring Mars in Scorpio that is really making us question if we are really ready for this newness.  We’ve been re-focusing, and this is bringing us to a truth, those deep penetrating ones.  Mars is not in shadow right now so the energy this week is powerful, you just need to pick which road you want to go down and FOCUS! Venus in Pluto is bringing up some deep relationship needs.  This can be a magical time now, we need to look at what is going to take us to where we need to go (the bigger picture), to our paradise, and go that way.  What you are planting now, is what will be growing this year (setting energy of the year).  So the question should be, if you are not completely passionate about it, if you can not completely commit to it, is that truly the right path for you?   On with the reading…….


First I want to go to the card on the bottom of the deck, this is the underlying energy of the reading.  This card is STRENGTH.  This card is saying that we have what you need, the “strength” to go forward and do that which you need to do.

The first card is the 5 of WANDS, this is feisty energy.  This is usually a card of conflict, but I do not feel that energy now, more of ready to get out there energy.  This card is supporting the Aquarius energy of ‘revolution’, pushing forward into newness.  This is a time to practice healthy competition, and I am seeing more of within yourself.  If you are not happy with your path, take some time and do some problem solving and MAKE IT HAPPEN!  You may be having some inner conflict that you have to come to terms with. Remember you are responsible for you, so stop complaining and use that energy toward making things happen for YOU!

Second card is the QUEEN of WANDS.  HA!  She simply tells us the fun is about to begin!  She is all about passion and intensity.  She reminds us that we can accomplish anything that we are passionate about.  Here’s some of our Mars in Scorpio energy.  When we let our passion inspire us, tap into our creative mind and feel our soul’s urge, magic happens. What motivates you?  The stronger you are on the inside, the more clear you will be. Go after your heart’s desire.  It’s just up to you!  Remember, if you want changes on the outside, you begin inside…as above, so below.

Our third card is the 7 of SWORDS.  Here the outcome is showing us being able to detach from the stagnant, and carrying on down our path.  We are beginning that new path, having a new perspective and having the foresight to see the bigger picture in your life. We are listening to our instincts and not allowing fear to hold us back.  Nothing is holding you back now.  Look at the man in the picture.  He has left some swords behind and taking others with him.  He has a smile on his face and a sense of humbleness. Here he is at peace with going forward.  He has taken the advice of the 5 of Wands, listened to the wise words of the Queen of Wands and are harmonious at pursuing our dreams.

**Remember WANDS are about ACTION (fire) and SWORDS are about INTELLECT (air)**.

Hope you enjoyed the reading, HAPPY AQUARIUS NEW MOON!  Be original and be OK with others being original as well! Get out of the box and DARE to be different!


Stacy Hill

AstroTarot February 8, 2016 ©

~ by SironaRose on February 8, 2016.

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