AstroTarot Happy Leo Full Moon 1/23/2016

Happy Leo Full Moon every one!  Tonight at 8:46 pm est, the Moon will be full into the sign of Leo.  This Leo moon speaks to our inner child, our creative side and our hearts desires. Be creative and try something new.  Here, Leo urges us to live from our authentic self, using our gifts and following our calling.  Don’t know what your calling is?  Simple formula:  YOUR GIFTS + YOUR PASSION + YOUR VALUES = YOUR CALLING.  We are here to live our best life and at times that requires us to change.  When we change inside, the outside changes as well. This may cause friction with others, this is where you have to be self-full, not selfish.  Selfishness is Leo’s shadow side, this is narcissistic behavior.  We must have empathy for others.  We can live our best life with out hurting others.  The Sun is in Aquarius which is all about the collective.  To me, this coupling tells me that you should be using your gifts while working with others to help the whole.  We are here together, to thrive and be blessed, we must understand this.  I am not saying we all have to think alike and be alike, diversity is such a delicious treat.  We are here together, be who you are, but understand there are others as well.  Show up with your authentic self, be able to set your ego aside, work with others for the greater good for the whole.  Its best to look at your birth chart to see where Leo is for more clarity.  A couple days after the full moon, Mars in Scorpio will be challenging the Moon and Sun and this will shine on the unconscious, those things that we buried down deep inside.  This can be anything from past lives to present day traumas.  This can be challenging, but this will lead us to Self Mastery. This can lead to arguments and turmoil.  Please channel this energy in a productive way.  Do something physical like exercise or making love to get rid of this energy.  Focus on your heart here.  Remember, energy is cant not be destroyed only transformed.  Mercury becomes direct on the 25th and will couple with Pluto which can bring about those things that are just below the surface, this can be challenging.  This can also bring about worrying (obsessive thinking).  January has been an intense month.  Just remember, the full moon brings conscious awareness.  You cant just step over our challenges (Mercury loves to remind us of this), you can’t fix a problem if you are unwilling to see it.  Look at it the challenges, now transform that energy!  Remember to love your Self more, NURTURE YOUR INNER GIFTS SO THAT YOU ARE LIVING FROM YOUR TRUTH…YOUR AUTHENTIC SELF.  On with the reading…..


First we have TEMPERANCE, PERFECT CARD!!  This is about alchemy and finding your balance as well as receiving divine messages (Mercury??).  Here, we are in the process of trying to balance our lives and receiving the answers to the questions we have been asking.  This card’s deity is Iris.  Iris is the messenger of the Gods as well as the personification of the rainbow.  She is the Goddess of the sea and sky, linking the Gods to humanity….as above, so below.  She urges us to have moderation, which in this world of instant gratification seems to be a lost word.  This is about self alchemy and a spiritual transformation.  This is about healing our inside, as the water notes reflection.  Take what doesnt work for you and transform it into something that does.  We are developing self mastery here, as this Moon shines on our shadows, we need to channel that energy (transmute it) and use it for our highest good.  We are getting divine messages here, we just have to be conscious of it.  Balance is key here as well (moderation).  For life to flow, we must have balance within. Get rid of what’s not working, do what is!

Next we have THE EMPRESS, fertility.  The deity here is Venus, Gaia, Mother Goddess.  In this position, this is what we are not seeing/noticing/aware of, our challenge card.  This card is all about some nurturing.  Her heart shaped shield reminds us to protect what we love.  Could this be our gifts, our authentic self??  This energy is one of fertility, as this can mean to focus on our new ideas, our creativity.  Are we nurturing our self?  Are we nurturing our gifts, or what brings fertility to our life?  Green is very prominent in this card, which symbolizes nature and healing.  We have within us that which will bring us an abundant life and we need to recognize it, nurture it, protect it and allow it to grow.  Abundance is all around us, we just have to adjust our perception.  What are you doing to bring it into fruition?

Our advice is the KING OF PENTACLES, Earthy and grounded.  Here we are being advised to be our own security, be realistic and grounded.  Be responsible for you.    He reminds us that it takes determination to achieve our goals, as he is a skilled craftsman.  You need to become stable within yourself, grounded and realistic.  It’s time to let the foolishness go, make those ideas happen.  Being responsible for you, is understanding that you and only you can make things happen for you. If you do not ask, you will never receive; if you do not travel, you will never see new places.  If you put effort into that which you want to manifest, it will bring you prosperity.  Self mastery is the true gift of The King of Pentacles.

In the outcome position we have the 3 OF PENTACLES, focus.  Here, we are using our talents and gifts wisely.  Three is about manifestation.  Here we are shown that through hard work, determination and focus, we will manifest that which we desire. This is where we are working to master our craft.  Using that craft to help us manifest that which we are wanting to achieve.  We will manifest that which we want, but we are advise that it will take focus and determination to make it happen.

The card on the bottom is the ACE OF PENTACLES.  Aces are potent and pure energy.  Here, the underlying energy of this reading is that of wealth, abundance , happiness, security and manifesting our desires.  Isn’t that what we all want, harmonic abundance? The energy is there, so it’s up to you!

This reading and the astrology energy goes right together.  The Leo Moon urges us to be our authentic self, as well as this reading. We have to listen to our hearts desires, yes it takes focus to live them, and make them manifest for us.  We are getting answers, we just have to open to receive them.  If things are working good for us how they are now, transmute that energy!  It takes action on our part to make this happen.  We have to be grounded and realistic, setting boundaries, taking responsibility of our Self and determination to have that which we desires.

I wish you all an enlightening creative, fun loving full moon and a Blessed Imbolc.

Many Blessings

Stacy Hill )0(



~ by TerraRubrae on January 23, 2016.

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