AstroTarot/ Energy of In-between

The Sun is still in Capricorn and the Moon is in Taurus, both are very earthy signs.  The New Moon on the 9th was in Capricorn, which is a very focused time.  With Mercury in retro, it does make us go to those things we started in the past and finish them up or close them down.  I didn’t get the New Moon reading out, as I was focused on past things coming to a close and reopening some things that have been left stagnant.  I am doing an in-between reading today and it is a very interesting one at that.


First we have energy of the HIGH PRIEST.  This card will many times mean you need to get counsel from a higher source.  You may have been seeking advice or maybe wanting a deeper mean, more knowledge.  Here as we look, before him as two skeleton keys, this is him saying to you that many times the answers are within the Self. If we allow our self to go into meditation, and truly listen to our Soul’s calling, we will get the answers that we seek.  This energy is about uncovering your own personal truths.

Second we have PAGE OF WANDS, which is a happy card. This energy usually tells us that good news is on its way to us.  this maybe a new job, a promotion and even the birth of a child.  Here newness is in the air.  This is exciting energy, and can be about determination to get some thing done.  So if you were revisiting some of your past ideas, doing your soul searching as the High Priest energy will help you do, it may open the doors to something bigger and better than you had thought.  Let your imagination fly!

Our third card is the 2 OF CUPS.  This card is about harmonic balance. specifically in relationships.   To me this is the ultimate relationship card, as it usually indicates a wedding, a happy relationship, or an engagement as it symbolizes the union of the mind, body and soul. Using that aspect, it can mean a balancing of the Self as well.  Partnerships are highlighted here as well, friendship and business.  This relationship is lasting and successful.

For me, this reading is simply saying:  Taking that double Capricorn energy of the New Moon and taking the time to do our work at becoming our highest possible Self, we then begin to have different paths represent themselves to us that can lead to the birth of many wonderful, exciting possibilities (ones that we may not have even thought available to us), will lead us to the relationships/partnership that will bring us the ultimate happiness.

Remember that Jupiter went in retro on the 7th, so this means that out side energies that help growth are for a moment unavailable.  This is why the HIGH PRIEST showed up in the reading to remind us that in order for US to grow, we must go inward for this growth energy and it will require work.  BUT, the good news is, that at this time, those things that are seeming to just cling to us, those things that we are trying to let go of will be able to be removed.  We must understand that this ‘letting go’ is important for our journey and is for our well being.

Have a wonderful week and I will be back for the Full Moon on January 23rd.

Many Blessings,

Stacy )0(



~ by TerraRubrae on January 17, 2016.

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