Tarot Talk/New Year Reading

I was gifted a new tarot deck this past Yule, I LOVE this deck!  When I get a new deck, I like to play with it first, get its feeling.  So after I cleansed and blessed it, I felt it…wow I truly felt it.  This deck feels amazing.  Usually, I will waiting a minute before I put out readings with them.  This one feels so good I feel inclined to share.  This is a beautiful deck and an awesome reading.  The question I was asking was “What energy do we have coming into the new year?”  And she answered me beautifully.


The energy we are starting out with is very powerful, and one of my favorite cards in this deck, ACE OF WANDS.  Aces are always beginnings. Wands are about passion, creativity, growth..the desire to grow.  Here we have the most potent and pure form of the masculine element of fire.  This energy can help reveal your path to you.  This is energy that is bursting forth…growth, success and even transformation.  The butterfly is an awesome symbol here that lets us know that it is time for new beginnings, and with that comes transformation, birth.  This is a time we can turn an idea into reality.  The energy is there for the taking, its up to you to use it wisely.  Then we walk into KARMA.  This card is perfect as it is showing the family celebrating a solar eclipse.  A solar eclipse is a powerful time, as they remind us of cycles, there is a reason for the season so to speak.  This is telling us to honor all the changes that are coming into our life.  We must not judge too quickly as bad, we must understand that life changes every day and we must grow with it in order to bloom.  Here it is saying that the energy of the Ace of Wands will be definitely bringing changes into our life.  Decisions may need to be made, and remember your choices now reflect your future.  Remember what every energy you put out there will come back to you.  This is a time for positive change and to work consciously to create that which you wish to manifest in your life. Be mindful, and heart centered when you begin makes those choices.  As we walk through that step we come to the 6 OF SWORDS.  This card always means travel.  We are traveling over water, maybe we are leaving behind old emotional traumas, leaving our troubles behind, but know that we are traveling away from something. For this particular reading, here I am seeing just that.  You are leaving behind the old.  You are allowing transformation, accepting your role in your life, along with it’s responsibilities and are making better decisions for yourself.  Maybe the changes your are making is to travel.  This card can literally mean travel, planning a trip this can either be for pleasure or business…or business that turns into pleasure.  This is a card of improvement, so maybe moving residents is a positive decisions for you.  This can also hint to getting a new job as well.  Here, I want to remind you…its about the journey, not the destination so much.  Enjoy the ride and all of the gifts it will bestow upon you.  Suck up all the juiciness of life.  doodle (2) The energy of the reading is the HIGH PRIEST.  Here we are reminded that we hold the keys to unlock our mysteries.  We are seeking answers that only we can truly answer.  I can see here maybe many are soul searching, or changing paths to that which is their soul calling..answering the soul.  You hold the answers to your most intimate questions.

The deck I am using is the Witch’s Tarot by Ellen Dugan.  Like I said, I LOVE this deck.  The pictures do not do it justice.  I hope you enjoyed this reading and I wish you a blessed New Year with harmonic abundance!

Many Blessings,

Stacy Hill




~ by SironaRose on December 28, 2015.

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