Sagittarius New Moon Terra Reading 12/11/2015

Happy New Moon every one.  Remember this is a time of new beginnings.  The Moon is accompanying the Sun in Sagittarius and getting some juicy positive energy from Uranus and Mars.  This is a very up lifting energy right now, if we choose to take advantage of it.  The more that I have been studying astrology, the more I am seeing how important these energies of our planets are.  There is a good reason why kings used astronomers/astrologers to help them plan their very important events, as events do correspond to planetary alignments……”As above, so below”

Right now one of the good things we can do is use this Sagittarius energy to take care of ourselves, and not run our Self into the ground.  It is very important to take care of your health right now.  The card that flew our of the deck is THE WORLD, and boy does  it really in sync with this Moon.


The World urges us to really see how uniquely special we all are.  As we are ending this year, we reflect upon all that we have been through this year. We have lost, gained, found and lost, but these events have made us who we are now.  Reflect upon your story of 2015, and maybe even all the “stuff” you have been through in your life.  It has been quite the adventure huh?!  Set with that, gain that healing strength of how strong you are, the knowledge you have gained and the wonderful souls you have had the experience of meeting.  Get yourself ready for the next chapters of your life, what will they say?

One thing I would like to point out is that Mars, warfare, is in Libra who is all about balancing of relationships.  Mars is doing his job at creating some very aggressive energy, and many are responding to this.  The trick here is to remain CENTERED and GROUNDED during these times, this will allow the positive energy of Sag to calm us.  The positive energy of Sagittarius whispers in our ear to be proactive instead of reactive.  Mother Earth’s children are in a lot of fear energy.  When we are making decisions out of fear, we will not be making the best decisions for our Self, our highest good.  The best thing we do right now is to take care of our health, making sure to listen to our bodies and give it what it needs…rather it be sleep or food or company of your loved ones.



We are starting out in JUDGMENT.  Here, the energy is to make the wrong right, if you have suffered know that things will get better.  This energy is also about making proactive decisions, if you don’t do something, it may be done for you.  Here I am feeling the energy of Saturn making his way through Sagittarius.  This can alter our beliefs and takes us out of the serving our egoistic needs to serve and heal the whole.  From what I have seen, there are those that were healers that have began to only hear the voice of their ego, hurting all that love them.  This is a great card for the new moon as it is about rebirth, an awakening.  This can also touch on absolution, releasing yourself from baggage of the past…OR maybe you are releasing old belief patterns.  We move on to the MOON card.  Here our challenge is to see what is being hidden from us.  As many things regarding our governments and the powers that have been ruling the Earth are being disclosed, some information may be hard to swallow.  The energy of this card is also about fear, are you stuck in fear?  Uranus in Pisces energy is about uncovering that which is secret and hidden from physical site.  This energy requires us to listen to our intuition, using our psychic ability to see the truth of that which is being kept from our physical eyes.  In your personal life, are you listening to your intuition about things?  Are you letting fear guide you, or are you making grounded decisions…those that are for the highest good.  Many are reinventing ourselves at this time, so using your intuition can guide you through the darkness and into the light.  Our next card is the SUN and it actually comes right after the MOON in the cards. The Sun is about joy, warmth, success and positivist.  Our advice here as the Sun rises every day, it gives us a new beginning, a fresh start.  This here is in direct correspondence to the Moon in Sag!  This is coupling is the ultimate humanitarian.  The Sun’s energy is positive and energetic and urges you to share your highest qualities…your gifts you bring to the world.  This is also touching on the Jupiter in Virgo, as this union is completely about expanding our service to others.  The Sun is wellness and health, taking care of our Self, feeling good and healthy and empowered.  As we are following the Sun’s advice we are lead to the outcome which is the LOVERS card.  The Lover’s card is about a perfect union.  This can be with another person, or the  balancing of Self..becoming balanced and whole.  This can also mean a true healing, releasing all of the old trauma that we may have experienced.  This energy is perfect harmony.  With Venus being in Scorpio our emotions are profoundly intensity and well as having unions that are very lucrative.  This can go into you doing that which brings you complete happiness. IIIEmpress  The card that represents the energy of the reading is the EMPRESS.  This is about fertility, abundance and things beginning to be “birthed”.  This is also in alignment with Jupiter in Virgo.  This energy is about creating beauty in our lives.  This can be the birth of a new idea, a product, or a new way of being. So this really supports the new moon energy as well.

I hope you all enjoyed the reading.  Have a a happy new moon and stay safe this holiday season.

Many Blessings,

Stacy H.

~ by SironaRose on December 12, 2015.

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