Terra Reading week of 9/20/2015


Hello everyone!  I hope every one is healthy, happy and abundant.  I know there has been a lot of folks sick, and hopefully we are all getting past this.  How’s every one liking the residual energy from the eclipse??  Yea I know, change huh…realizations.The moon is now in Sagittarius.  We are in our harvest season, please keep remembering that.  Saturn is also moving into Sagittarius for 3 years.  Saturn is our teacher, has the energy of natural law.  If you are having issues with your job, you need to really into what you are doing is of your true self.  I am really feeling Saturn urging many of us to seek deep truths.  Squaring with Uranus, I can see some really mind blowing perceptions or even growing with in the self.  You know Virgo is about service, but not to the point we are killing our self.    Some are having to look into their old core beliefs, and rearrange some things….or completely leave them behind.  The eclipses really do some deep, down cleaning.

 On with the reading.  We are here, THE CHARIOT/WILLPOWER.  This card is influenced by the sign Cancer/water (emotions), stones pearl, ruby and emerald and is the Rune Hagall/hailstone or ice.  Willpower is about effort, action.  You  are putting great energy, willpower, to a certain situation that will bring you great results, but just make sure what you’re putting your efforts to is worthy of it.  Also, you can be chugging right on track, so steady the pace, and keep it up.  You could be doing really good at this time, but keep your ego in check.  This could also be saying that you’re going in the right direction, but it will take work, effort to get there.  What many do not understand is that it took you more than “over night” to get where you are and it will take you more than “over night” to get the full healing.      Our challenge is the 8 of WANDS/Swiftness.  Yep here we have time just flying by.  Maybe this is our challenge…not enough time in one day hahaha.  This card is influenced by Mercury in Sagittarius, stone agate, energy fire/passion.  Here we have movement, quick movement at that.  Maybe we are wanting things to happen too fast.  We have to remember “divine timing”.  Notice how things do seem to come into your life at the right times.  Notice those that did not.  Are you able to see the lessons there?  As we are pushing forward on our path, we may rush through some things that we shouldn’t.  We live in a world where we want things to happen yesterday, so we must understand the natural order of things.  We must not rush into something we really don’t know much about.  Or maybe your challenge is you are not attacking quick enough.  Many times we should be striking while the fire is hot.  Many times we are presented something just so we can move past where we are in order to grow.  It is being our true challenge.  Forcing us to go forward, move beyond your comfort zone.  Change happens whether you want it to or not, you can go willingly or be drug along….it is simply your choice.  Our advice is the SUN/Life reversed.  This is about things breaking apart, basically the opposite of the regular meaning of the Sun card.  So as the advice, we should allow all that is not feeding us spiritual, that which is dragging us down, that which is keeping us from healing, all that is bringing negative aspects to our lives break away from us.  This is partnerships in all kinds.  Dont make things more difficult than they are.  We must learn how to look from out side of the box so we can detach from the emotion to be able to make the correct decisions.  We tend to let our emotions guide us.  I am not talking about our heart, I am talking about our emotions.  These intricate little threads of feelings connecting us to others can cause us to make the wrong decisions.  And maybe this is all a bit too much for you.  Please try to see the silver lining here.  Look at our environment, it changes, has seasons.  If you need to mourn, then mourn and release all those emotions, but do not let them rule your life. We also have to understand the difference between being passionate and being emotional as well.  This takes us to the 8 of STONES/Knowledge.  The influences here are Sun in Virgo (perfect timing) stone is gold topaz, stones are earthly concerns/material.  This is taking your lessons and making good use of them.   Here we are putting our spiritual into our everyday life.  We are rising up to our calling.  We are using our talents, gifts, crafts and using them to prosper or to better our lives and others.  Sharing our true gifts with others.  We are listening to our intuition and are making the correct decisions for our whole self, mind, body and spirit.

So, there is our weekly reading until our next full moon on the 27th.  Remember it will be a full lunar eclipse in Aries!  Have an awesome rest of the weekend and week.

Many Blessings,

Sirona Rose )0(

~ by TerraRubrae on September 19, 2015.

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