Virgo New Moon Terra Report 9/13/2015


Happy Virgo New Moon!  The Sun and Moon are in Virgo, and I just love this energy.  We are also having a partial solar eclipse followed by a total lunar eclipse in Aries on the 27th.I usually love Virgos as well.  Virgo rules our health; how you feed your body, mind and soul, how you make sure you are healthy.  I know we have all heard “the Spirit is willing, but the body is weak”, and boy this is so true.  Our mind and soul can guide us to those ways that are most beneficial to us, but our body is stuck in it’s comfort zone and cringes at the thought of change.  When Venus in retro, that gave us time to look at what we want in our life.  What works and what doesn’t. It’s time we become responsible for our own energy and make those decisions that need to be made.  It isnt fair to anyone involved to leave things just hanging.  Chiron is plays his part here, as he gets clears out of old wounds/pain.  If we don’t like something, we need to do something about it, or stop complaining.  Change is hard for many and so is taking responsibility for themselves as well. This is truly an awesome time for some great healing to take place.  Mercury will be going retrograde from Sept 17 – Oct 9, 2015, so heads up there.  Go with the flow and really make this time work for you.  On with our reading.  We start out with JUDGMENT.  Here is what is called necessary change, that may be difficult because it may mean a totally different path.  This can even mean a rebirth.  This can mean some self reflection that is needed, and could possibly lead to an awakening or a new understanding.  This hints to the energy Venus in retro is having, change that which needs to happen.  These changes can be life altering as well.  This card falls well with this partial eclipse we are having…major beginnings and completions.  Be open here, go with the flow as this is make it a little easier on you.  Next is the card WISDOM.  This card tells us to make sure we are fully comprehending all that we are learning.  Some are only seeing the mistake and not the lesson, thus repeating the same things over and over….but expecting different results.  It is very important to listen to our inner guidance, our intuition.  Through making the necessary changes, things can seem different and our inner voice can become faint.  This is definitely the time to go within and listen.   This could also be urging you that it is time to get a teacher to help you along your path.  Sure, your path maybe personal, but there are things that elders can teach you.  Listen and learn, absorb and fully comprehend.  Next we have the 10 of STAVES as our advice.  Here we are advised to be careful about how much we take on.  Many of us have our plates full and then some.  In overwhelming ourselves with tasks, we dont get the full benefit of it.  Having our plates completely full, doesnt allow us to fully dive into one thing and really taking in all that it has to offer.  And when we feel overwhelmed, these tasks begin to feel like burdens.  Avoid over working or over stressing yourself.  Working with this Virgo energy, we can learn how not to overwhelm ourselves, but to feed ourselves mind, body and soul.  Our outcome is CONTEMPLATION which is about going within, a period of introspection.  Some times you need some alone time so that you may go within and review all that has been going on.  Maybe you are entering a time of soul-searching as well.  This can also mean that you need to take the time for you to develop a deeper spiritual understanding.  Here with this reading I am feeling an energy of going within to have different perspectives or understandings on things.  With change, brings more change, as it is our constant.  Learning from our lessons, helps us better in our future endeavors.  Going inward and listening to our inner voice, we are able to live healthy lives.  We know what doesn’t work for us, the trick is to change it.  You are in control of your own life, do not let others run it.  As we shine our own light, we begin to see our true gifts, weaknesses and strengths.  Shining our own inner light can act as means of communication as well…actions speak louder than words.  It is time to sit still and listen to your own inner guidance.

I hope you all have a wonderful Virgo New Moon!  May you be blessed with much healing.

Many blessings,

Sirona Rose )0(

~ by TerraRubrae on September 13, 2015.

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