Weekly Terra Reading 9/8-9/10/2015


We are already into our second week of September.  I hope everyone enjoyed that super moon we had.  On September 13 at 2:41 AM EDT, we will have a new moon solar eclipse in the sign of Virgo.  This moon’s energy will focus on work and health personally.  Please keep in mind that the effects from this moon can be felt up to six months after the date. Maybe you might be having or wanting to have a new beginning in these areas.  More on that later and on to this week’s reading.  We start off with the FOOL card.  New beginnings are present in this card as well as taking a leap of faith.  I actually love the innocence of the Fool card.  This energy is  one of knowing that you’ve been hurt before or have failed at something, but you’re not scared to try it again.   The Fool card is one of potential, so the outcome rests on you.  Maybe this is saying that it is time for you to start over, start some thing new.  Take that chance, you never know where it might take you.  Next, we have the LOVERS card.  This beautiful card talks about a deep soul love.  If you are just getting involved with some one, this is saying to not to take it for granted, this is some thing worth exploring.  Harmonic relationships is what this card brings, match made in heaven.  This could also speak to you, as in balancing the masculine and feminine energy within yourself.  This energy supports you doing something that you truly love, creating something that is dear to your heart.  I would also say that it might involve another person as well.  Remember, relationships just aren’t romantic.  Our last card is TEMPERANCE.  Here we have a balance of the sub-conscious and conscious mine…as above so below.  This could even be urging you to take the middle road as well.  This is adaptation, learning to exist in the environment you are in, or working with what you got.  This can also go into self reflection as well, being at peace with Self.  Patience is another energy her, so if you have been working on something be patient and allow it to grow.  An overall reading here, I would say take a chance/risk or begin something that you love, something that fulfills you and be patient and allow it to grow.  Some things you cant rush, you have to allow it to bloom one pedal at a time.

Have an awesome week.

Many Blessings,

Sirona Rose )0(

~ by SironaRose on September 8, 2015.

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