Weekend Terra Reading 9/4-9/6/2015


Hello every one!  I hope the super full moon was a good one for you all.  I am sorry I have been slack on the daily readings, I have been super busy.  I will be changing my readings a bit.  I will put one up the beginning of the week for the week, then do a weekend reading, as well as still doing my full and new moon readings.  I love doing those and I havent been able to get them out due to all going on.  I feel that doing it this way, it will be better on me and be better readings. So, on with the reading.  FRIDAY, we have the FOOL.  I really love this card’s energy, just go for it.  The Fool represents new beginnings as well as keeping the faith.  Here we are taking a chance on something we may be unsure about the out come.  The Fool can be a bit naive, but its the innocence and lightheartedness that can lead you to your passions.  Listen to your intuition take a chance…you never know where it might lead you.  SATURDAY is the WORLD.  One message I hear when I see this card is your world is what you make of it.  This can be about completion, maybe you have come to an end to something?  This can be about achievement as well.  This can also refer to long term projects, or seeing something to completion.  Travel could be an option as well.  On a more spiritual note, you may be in a process of feeling “one” with the others, as well as the world.  SUNDAY we have DEATH…..transition!  This card is all about what going into the fall is about.  Mother Earth is in her process of going into the underworld, seasons changing, leaves are changing colors, things are IN transition.  The only constant in this world is change.  Things are constantly transitioning, transforming and transmuting…constant movement.  It would help us to remember that transition happens in all areas of our life.  Maybe you are in a job that is draining the life out of you.  Maybe you have found yourself in a life-less relationship.  Know that all things have thier own seasons, what goes up must go down.  You must keep going through this energy though, as it can lead to new beginnings.  Here is a time to release.  For many, clarity has come about many things.  Death tells us to release that old energy, let it die to reveal a new you.  This can hint to an end to relationships as well, all kinds.  Change is definitely in the air, allowing can help the transition go smoothly.  Here we start taking a chance on something that will help us shape our life for the better, showing us that in order for us to go forward in this new positive energy.  We must release the old, out-dated negative energy that has become an anchor to us, holding us back from what we want to accomplish.

Have an awesome, safe weekend.  Happy Labor Day for the US.

Many Blessings,

Sirona Rose

~ by SironaRose on September 4, 2015.

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