Weekend Terra Reading 8/21-8/23/2015


Happy Frejya’s day!  Happy weekend!  For today’s card we have the 8 of SWORDS reversed.  This card is about interference, but in the reversed place it means clear thinking.  Here I am feeling that we are beginning to have a sense of freedom.   We can be at a point where things are beginning to clear out of our paths, things are beginning to move forward.  Maybe you have had a big obstacle to over come.  Here it is time to for you to move ahead, the things/people are out of the way..your journey awaits.  Also, those things that that were rumbling inside are now ready to burst.  The veils are lifted from your eyes and your mind can be set free….welcome to clear sight.  For Saturday, we have the HANGED MAN.  On the cards it says uniqueness, as in it touches on the unconventional ways one may have.  He has surrendered himself to the world, as many times this card means having to sacrifice one thing for another.  But please keep in mind, not all sacrifices are a bad thing.  When we are evolving, we must leave behind our old ideals in order to move forward in the direction we want to move.  He advises us to be patient as well, maybe having to readjust your energy.  You have to understand that whats right for one, may not be right for you.  You may have to go at things in unconventional ways today…stepping away from the crowd, as the “norm” may not work for you.  I am feeling here a connection to Mother Earth… a grounding.  For Sunday we have 5 of CUPS which speak of disappointment.  Cups represent emotions and many times can mean a broken heart.  This could be a realization about a relations (romantic or otherwise) that is just not fulfilling to you.  Maybe you are worrying about the future or having regret.  We could also go into being surrounded by fake friends, expecting support but getting none.  One thing I feel here is that you need to be grateful for what you have.  It may not be the total picture you had in your mind, but be grateful for those things that do make you happy.  Maybe you feel hopeless, but don’t be.  Even our challenges are gifts to us, many times show us just how strong we are.  Don’t put all your eggs in one basket and remember that there are seasons to everything.  There is hope, so don’t get lost in the negative energy.

Many Blessings,

Sirona Rose

~ by SironaRose on August 21, 2015.

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