Daily Terra Reading 8/19/2015


Happy Wednesday!  Hope every one is OK, and flowing with the energy well.  Today we have a reassuring card and perfect card for the astrological sign we are in (Leo), it is STRENGTH.  This card definitely projects passion.  She is riding a lion, symbolizing she has the strength of the earth and holding a snake which says she also has the power of the universe with in her.  This is an ultimate power card indeed.  Here we are balancing our energies, we are calm, powerful and confident…and not ashamed of it!  This is a time of great energy/power and it can mean you are channeling this power right now.  We have tamed our inner beast, so we can be confident with grace and peacefulness.  This is saying that you have the strength to handle all of your challenges or obstacles.  We are also reminded that inside of us is the deeply passionate being and we must balance this in order to have balance in our life.  Many are living on auto-pilot and that is just simply not good, it will leave us stagnant.  Live life with passion, going for your goals and see them through.  We have to be mindful here and not act on our ego, this will create a situation we do not want.  Here we are connecting our inner and outer strengths, helping us have better clarity.  If you’re feeling tired and just worn out, this is saying do not give up…not yet you can do this!  It is always that last 1% that takes us all the way.  Have patience and dont give up!

Hope you have an awesome hump day!

Many Blessings,

Sirona Rose

~ by TerraRubrae on August 19, 2015.

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