Daily Terra Reading 8/18/2015


Happy Tuesday every one.  I hope you all are transitioning easily.  Our descent into the under world has begun, and many are already having a lot of inner work surfacing.  Today, 2 cards flew out of the deck.  Our first one is the 8 of WANDS.  Wands represent fire and this cards energy is swiftness.  This indicates that things are beginning to move quicker.  This could also be about information you’ve been expecting is coming and you will have to act quickly regarding it.  This could mean promotions for some, sudden progress and change for the better.  Over all this is a positive card that calls for quick action as well and to let us know that relief is coming and things will get better.  Our next card is the WHEEL of FORTUNE.  This card carries the energy of Jupiter (expansion) and that of the Rune Jara/Ger meaning “fertile season’.This is another good energy card.  This indicates that some of you that have been having a hard time will have a turn of events.  This card heralds the energy of a new cycle ready to begin for you.  The best way we can begin a new cycle is to take control of our life.  Maybe there have been others that have tried to dictate your life, what ever the reason it is time now to take responsibility for you and take the reigns back. The understanding here is, we must remember that what ever goes up must in turn come down.  Knowing this can help us deal with the currents, allowing us to control our lives instead of emotions or fears.  Whatever may be going on in your life, know that the tide is changing and great change is coming, and it is coming quickly.

~ by TerraRubrae on August 18, 2015.

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