Leo New Moon Terra Reading 8/14/2015


Happy Leo New Moon!  At 10:53 am est, the moon will be in her darkness, and a new cycle begins.  Venus is still in retrograde in Leo as well.  There are many of us that are just realizing things are not working, then there are others that have found deep love.  New Moon is a time to go inward, plant some seeds, manifestation time.  I will go on to the reading.

What we are coming out of is the FOOL.  The Fool card is happy go lucky.  He isn’t afraid to take a risk, and just go for it.  Maybe you took a leap of faith, you took a chance on something or some one or started upon a new path.  This is about holding on to faith, knowing that the next step will be there for you to place your feet on.  You are having to trust in yourself, go forward with out fear.  This can also hint at a decision that needs to be made, one quite important.  Now is the time to make that decision, it is time to make those steps.  The Fool reminds us that anything can happen, we have many options in front of us it is up to us to take those steps and make it happen.        The energy we are going into is the SUN.  Here is ultimate growth.  And this can also hint on getting in touch with your inner child.  Being that the sun is in Leo (inner child), I am feeling more of a pull to release the restraints and be free.  This is fun energy, joyful and playful.  The sun gives us strength, success, warmth and abundance.  The sun heralds a time of great growth.  This is our ‘yes’ in life.  We are advised to keep things simple. This is a time of enlightenment, maybe you have had some new found clarity or had breakthroughs in your life.  Taking the leap of faith, making that hard decision the Fool offers us, the sun following yes that abundance and growth are coming.  You have a clearer vision of where you want to be. This is good positive energy.    Our outcome is the HANGED MAN.  Here we are in a holding energy, one of patience, stepping back and allowing things to develop.  Waiting to get more clarity on an issue.  One aspect the Hanged Man has is sacrifice. When we see/hear the word sacrifice, we tent to dread it.  We seem to focus on the loss.  What we must understand is that some times we have to let go.  To me, it is no wonder we have this card right after the Sun card.  When we are moving forward and growing, we can’t always bring stuff from our past to our future.  Things are with us for a season, and we must understand this.  We have to allow endings so that we can continue on our path.  We are not meant to bring all things forward with us.  You need to release all that is holding you back.  It’s time to release that which is draining you, depleting you of your own well being.  You are asked to sacrifice something…will it be that which holds you back/drains you..or yourself?  The under lying energy of the reading is the HIGH PRIESTESS.  She urges us to use our intuition, wisdom and knowledge. Pay attention to your dreams, as this links to our subconscious.  She helps us see through the veil of awareness, aids us in seeing the hidden.  The High Priestess also holds the energy of learning our own inner strength, learning to trust in our self.

Have an awesome weekend and Leo New Moon.

Many Blessings,

Stacy )0(

~ by TerraRubrae on August 14, 2015.

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