Daily Terra Reading 8/10/2015

Happy Moon day.  Hope every one is doing well today.  Last week was just crazy, hoping this week is better.  Though with the astrological influences, there is a lot of things being uncovered.  Many are having to face their shadows, fears or those things we would like to stay hidden.  When we are on the path of healing, we discover wounds that we forgot about….those hidden deep down in the recesses of forgetfulness. It is those hidden aspects that keep us from making that step forward…or causing a clog/block in our energy.  On with our reading.  Today, I am using The Savannah Deck by Tami Sabo.


Today is the energy of the LOVERS.  I LOVE this card in this deck.  The couple is happy and in love, a perfect union.  This is a match made by Venus herself.  If your question is about a relationship, this indicates that it is definitely worth exploring and has great compatibility.  Going a bit deeper, this could be about a balancing within the self.  One where we are becoming clearer about your values.  This is a time to stay true to yourself.  What do you believe in?  Are you being your authentic self?  This card urges you to do just that.  Stand tall on your rock of truth, not letting anyone take away your beliefs.  This card can also represents choices that need to be made.  Advising you that you need to make those choices that do not undermine your integrity.  Some times it is the more difficult choice that will give you the greatest outcome.  Just because something looks negative, doesnt mean it is.  Learning to see things nonjudgmental can help you see the true value.

Have an awesome start of the week.

Many Blessings,

Stacy )0(

~ by TerraRubrae on August 10, 2015.

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