Daily Terra Reading 8/5/2015


Happy hump day every one.  We are marching on in our harvest time and I am sure many of us could use a hug, encouragement, understanding ear or just some healing time alone.  This is a very intense time as we are having our harvest of sorts.  I am hoping for some it is a joyous time, one of great clarity that is leading you to the right door.  And today, the Fae that is visiting with us is EKSTASIS bring with her the energy of ecstasy, joy, rapture and motivation.  She is the song, that no voice can sing and no ear can hear, and energy, the infinite eternal song, and power that fills unity.  Ekstasis is the rhapsodic song of bliss and bring order and harmony.  Estasis sings the song that only the Soul can hear.  Ekstasis is surges of joy, its the feeling of synchronicity, a feeling of all falling into place. Ecstasy is her realm, as she reminds us that ecstasy is not a something….it flows through us, filling us with complete bliss.  This Fae is here to tell you that you are on the right path and to “go for it”.  We all know that our vibration, brings our reality, but we must really feel this in our Soul.  Hear the Ekstasis sing to your Soul, whispering sacred words that bring you in alignment with your desires.  She urges you to live a life in line with your Soul.  Ekstasis also touches on unity.  She tells us to remember that though we are all separate and unique, we are still Mother’s children living here on her.  We can all exist within our own beliefs peaceful.  In our world right now, we must remember that we are here together and abide accordingly.

Many Blessings to you All,

Stacy )0(

~ by TerraRubrae on August 5, 2015.

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