Terra Reading 8/3/2015


Happy Moon day everyone!  I hope every one had an awesome blue moon weekend.  Many are having to deal with things that should’ve been dealt with a while ago, like suppressed feelings.  Pay attention to astrology, right now the planets are speaking to us in volumes.  Today we have the honor of THE BRIGHT MOTHER visiting us.  She brings the energy of creativity, nurturing, productivity, intimacy and sheltering.  She is the guardian of the home, she is the garden that feeds us, she sees and knows the mysteries as her commitment to us is eternal.  She is a great comfort right now, as there have been endings, she offers the energy of creation and beginnings.  If we do not properly take care of ourselves, these endings can hurt us emotionally and energetically.  Make sure you are nurturing yourself in ways that are healthy for you.  Meditation, serenity, reading and listening to your intuition.  Think of all things in your life, what do they represent?  As we are in mists of our first harvest, we are reminded that all things change.  Be gentle on yourself.  When you take this time to really look into your life, you will see your strengths and weaknesses, those things are feed your soul and those things are drain us.  We are to understand that we are meant to leave some things behind as we push forward on our journeys…..and that’s OK.  What ever you must leave behind, let it go in peace as you make room for the things/people that will be greatly appreciated in our futures.  Remember that all of your relationships need nurturing, no matter if they are romantic, friendships or work.

Have an awesome day and remember to take advantage of The Bright Mother’s presence today!

Blessed Be,

Stacy )0(

~ by TerraRubrae on August 3, 2015.

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